Fathers Day Ideas

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Narcissus - June 16

I have no clue as to what to buy for my dh. He has asked me not to buy anything but I think I will ignore his request. He's not a tie/cologne/sports type of guy & buying gifts for him is always a pain in my ass. What are your plans for the big day? We will grill out and have his parents over, maybe play a board game, or cards. Does anyone have a cool suggestion for those of us who have no clue about what to buy, or do that day? Thanks in advance!


austinsmom - June 16

I am letting my dh have the whole weekend cause I feel caught in between my father and husband on this father day thing....it would'nt be so bad if my mom was still alive to make my dad feel special on this day but since she is not I feel compelled to give a big cookout for my dad and unfortunatly my hubby has never gotten excited about spending time with my family.....I plan to go night fishing with dh this evening on the boat so that lo can sleep in the cabin and we can spend some quality time and maybe just maybe catch a fish (catfish that is). Then tomarrow we will go to the walmart and he gets to pick out something he has been wanting ...not too expensive of course.....then sunday on actual fathers day I am sending him golfing with his brother and uncle while I have daddy and family over and later we will have a little candle light dinner and I will present him with a sappy card from me and austin and present myself in something a little seductive.......don't know if any of this will work for you but my hubby aught to feel like he is on top of the world!!!! Quite literally lol....


Christy - June 16

Does your dh need anything for his hobbies or for working around the house (tools)? As for us, we are going to brunch at CCF with some friends then visiting my parents. My in laws will be on vacation, so no plans with them. As for a gift, I wanted to buy him a shop vac, but when I mentioned it, he went out and bought one for himself from me. *rolling eyes* I may get him a frame for one of Ben's 6 month pics and give that to him to take to work as he has no pictures of us on his desk there.


Nerdy Girl - June 16

Many of you know from some of my other posts that I am a professional photographer. My studio recently started carrying a really cool line of photo jewelry, and the supplier also has items for men like keyrings and cufflinks. The stuff is just gorgeous. Check it out at www.isabellechase.com. You can link to a participating photographer in your state via the site. Or if you are in Illinois, you can work through me (Photos By Jes). You would not have the gift in time for Fathers Day, but could give him an IOU.


bean - June 16

I got dh a framed photo of baby and I for his office, and baby got daddy the traditional tie. Dh gave me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day, so I may try to return the favor, though tough to do with a one month old!


Chelsey - June 16

I know! I know!! You can take one of those picture's of your's... (you know which one I'm talking about!), b__w it up and give it to him "privately"! Oh nevermind... Father's Day is supposed to be from the kid's right? ..... Does he like music? Movie's? Dinner? Go-Karting?


Ginny - June 16

My poor dh totally goofed for mother's day and didn't get me anything. We spent saturday with my mom and Sunday with his mom and thought that would have it covered. When I let him know that it didn't, he told me he'd bring me flowers and make dinner on Mon. He didn't bring flowers and made dinner, but I had to do the dishes. He is lucky if he gets a SMILE for Father's Day!


austinsmom - June 16

Ginny you really aught to make a big deal out of fathers day for your dh....I'll bet he will feel guilty as h*ll and next year he would never dream of leaving you out of his attention....not to mention the special attention you may get for being the "better man" whatcha think?


Eryn @ MN - June 16

I am getting him a new coffee maker and one of those stepping stones where you put the babie's handprint in it. I am getting my dad a couple shirts and a gift card to his favorite resturant.


Debi - June 16

Every year I buy my hubby one of those shirts that the kids put their hand prints on in paint and I date them, now this year he will have another hand on there, it's cute to pull them out and watch how they grow. Also, it's too late now, I suppose, I had a coffee mug made with the kids on it and in crayon looking writing it says "we love our daddy" and thier names. This are a few not expensive ideas that the kids enjoy too.


Ginny - June 16

Hey, austinsmom, that may not be a bad idea. Especially since he made up for it on my birthday (he sent me to art lessons, while he watched the baby, and surprised me with a cake at work) - I probably should buck up and do the right thing!


Amy_mommy - June 16

Ginny: u are funny! "He is lucky if he gets a SMILE for Father's Day! " haha......i don'tknow what to do for father's day niether............


Jamie - June 16

My DH gets exactly what he gave me for Mother's Day: 8 hours with zero responsibilities. He can play his computer or sleep or whatever, he doesn't so much as have to contemplate doing anything productive. It was a great gift for him to give me, and I know he'll appreciate it as much as I did.


bbelmore - June 16

My DH did nothing for me, in fact he bought HIMSELF a new pair of sungla__ses, so nothing for him! But I think that 8 hours no responsibilities thing sounds nice, I know I really would have appreciated some time to myself!


Kendra - June 16

My husband totally blanked on mother's day also. I'm glad I'm not the only one! - However, I'm a woman, and there's no way I can't get him a gift. I'm not really doing the sentimental thing; I'm getting him new workshirts, because he keeps complaining about baby puke.


Narcissus - June 17

Wow, lots of great ideas here:) I bought him the Back To The Future DVD Trilogy set yesterday. We love those movies and someday he will enjoy watching them with Aja. I like the idea of him having no responsibilities for the weekend. I will try to do as much as possible and let him relax. I think I will s_x him up, too! He's going to love that....We will eat homeade pesto (basil is from our garden) and enjoy some wine and a good salad. I still need to figure out dessert.



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