Fatty Baby Foods 10 Months

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MichelleB - June 9

My baby boy is not gaining enough weight. I have switched to homomilk (recommended by doctor). He eats TONS of veggies adn fruit, chicken, hamberger, turkey, yogurt, cheese, cherios. He is not a big drinker, but I am not sure how ot get around this. Can anyone suggest some other Fatty foods for baby to eat at this age. He also gets toast and cream cheese once a day.


HANNAHs Mom - June 9

Avocado is an excellent option (high "good" fat) and also hard boiled egg--YOLK ONLY--most doctors will say to wait until a baby turns a year old for eggs but it's the white part that causes most allergic reactions. Sounds like your baby has a wonderful wide-ranged appet_te! :)


MichelleB - June 10

Thanks Hannahsmom. Iw ill have to try avocado. I think that it is the Yolk the baby shouldnt have....that is what I ahve been doing anyway, but you never know. He hasnt had a reaction so I a__sume he is OK. My baby is 10 months and only 18lb. How does your little girl compare?


Sarahsmommy - June 10

MichelleB since your LO hasn't had a reaction it's ok but it is the yoke the baby is supposed to have. I know it seems like it would make more sense for the white to be safer. Since your LO hasn't had a reaction I would keep it up with the white and also introduce the yoke.


Jbear - June 10

Egg yolk is almost all fat. The white of the egg is protein. It is the yolk that they say to give to babies. My sister didn't gain weight and the doctors told my mom to feed her yogurt, which you're already doing. Maybe your little boy is just going to be slender...are the people in your family generally thin?


Whitney - June 10

Avocado is for sure a good fatty food to give your son, it's not just fatty but very healthy too. My son is 11 months & weighs 25 lbs, & I have been feedim an avocado about 3 times a week since he was 6 months old. He just LOVES them, I mash them & mix them in his cereal, or mix with yogurt (another good one) or I cut it up into little cubes & he eats them plain. But I wouldn't worry too much, your son might just naturally be a little guy.


Nick - June 10

I tried avacado a couple of months ago,but my son did not seem to like it. I think I'll try it again. He eats mashed potatoes with b___ter, homefries, chicken, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, yogurt and egg yolks. My doctor said my son is in the 20th percentile for his weight and the 50th for his height. She wants me to feed him fattier foods as well, but my husband and I are both small people, so I am not really worried.


Bonnie - June 10

I will also agree with the egg yolk. They generally hold off on egg whites until a year to prevent an allergy to it, but obviously yours is just fine ;). The yolk and avocado would be great.


C - June 10

Egg Yolk, cottage cheese.


Chelle - June 10

Hi MichelleB, I just wanted to let you know that I have a small baby also. She was 16.5 lbs at her 9 month check up. She's always been really small (6 lbs 1 oz at birth, born at 38 weeks) Her ped wasn't concerned, she just told me it's because she's so active. I can hardly get her to sit still long enough for her to finish her bottle. I still worry though I always have people commenting on how small she is for her age. It's nice to know I'm not the only one worrying about their small baby. I like the suggestions on the higher fat foods, I'm going to try some of them. Thanks!


Rabbits07 - June 10

DS isn't at the point right now where he's eating table foods, but I was wondering because of experience with my other children...how do you guys prepare the yolks? Do you boil the whole egg and remove it or what? I was always afraid to give boiled egg yolk to my lo's as I always get choked on the yolk of a boiled egg because of it's consistency. Is that just a 'me' thing?


Rabbits07 - June 10

MichelleB, I can't really think of many healthy fatty foods other than what the others have named. My first thought was peanut b___ter, but that is a no-no under the age of two. My stepmother fed her grandson gravy and biscuits every morning and he was a chunkster, so maybe you could try that?


HANNAHs Mom - June 11

Hi MichelleB.....my little girl will be 10 months on June 23rd and she is around 21 lbs. I have been b___stfeeding her on demand since day 1 and boy is she demanding, as her size can tell! My first dd was tiny & pet_te..I was constantly trying to fatten her up. Maybe try high carbs too....Leggo makes these mini pancakes which are good (or you can make you own and freeze), pasta wheels and bowties, homemade banana bread made with a high-fat soy milk....or even give him ice cream...if it is allowed at this age, it is actually healthy (minus the sugars) esp if you get Ben and Jerrys or Hagen Daz which is all natural......it fattens me right up! :)


Sarahsmommy - June 12

Rabbits07, I was babysitting twins and their mom had me give them egg yokes. I would boil it, and then mix the egg with a little water so it was thinner.


HEATHER - June 12

10months and only 18 lbs.. Ive got you beat! MY DD is 9 months and is 14lbs 1.5oz!!! She just doesnt sit still. We give her her foods mixed with cerael to add extra calories. Its has helped but im glad ive come across this thread, thanks for some good advice.


angie m - June 12

Rabbits07, I never thought of boiling the egg and then mushing up the yolk that is such a great idea. When my little ones where under a year old I would separate a few whites from the yolkes, then I would scramble the yolks for my little one and then scramble the whites for me.


MichelleB - June 13

Thanks Girls. I am going to do the yolk today. Boild eggs for lunch. I am embarra__sed to say I have never had an avocado. Is it soft enough to give him fresh, or do you have to cook it? Any idea on how much he should be eating at lunch? Usually he gets either a piece of toast with b___ter or creamcheese, fruit, and either cheese or cherios as his finger food. If I give him storebought, I give him 1/2 of the large jar, plus his fruit and snack.



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