Favortism On This Forum

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Newcomer - November 16

I noticed that their is a lot of favortism going on here. When people who are not known post a question they rarely get any responses. The people who post and are well know get so much responses, even if it is just encouragement. I am a newcomer here and I do not think that I would post a question bc I do not think anyone would try and help me.


ally - November 16

i tend to agree with the original post of this question, many are familiar with each other so do take the time to answer ones they know b4 those they dont


lisa - November 16

i agree with Jamie, ive been comming on this forum for about 10 months now and in the beggining, it makes no difference who you are, sometimes it amazes me the weird questions that get loads of replys and some interesting ones dont, it does not reflect who wrote them, if you post a question, it depends on your question as to if people will reply.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

I disagree with the original poster and agree with Jamie. I have only been coming to this site for a few months, and everyone has been very helpful and supportive. I guess since I do not worry about cliques and stuff like in high school, I never noticed anything like that. I think its great that people have become friends while posting on this board. I know I need all the support I can get as well as everyone else. I think it is great here and so are most of the people. There are always a few who want to spoil it though.....


CEM - November 16

I tend to think that if people have had similar experiences or have something else to share they will respond. The only time a question doesn't get answered is if it is something that's been asked a thousand times before. It might not be right, but that's the way it is. :)


BBK ® © - November 16

Time permitting, and a__suming that I am familiar with the topic, I'll attempt to answer regardless of familiarity or not. It is also human nature to lean towards the familiar whether people realize it or not. "Newcomer" I'm sorry you had that experience but most people on this board are genuinely nice. I hope you give it another chance.


Mommy - November 16

I have only been here for about 2 months, and I usually try to answer the questions that I have had to deal with myself or are similar to my situations. I don't answer the ones I am useless on or the ones that have nothing to do with my situations. Other than that I do try to help. I would just rather not post not knowing what I'm talking about and take up space.


Kathryn - November 16

YOU need to get on here, answer questions, ask questions and offer encouragement. How do you think others get to know you?


Lissi - November 16

I've been on this site since I was 3 months pregnant, I've got know a lot of names on this site, made a few friends and I still sometimes get hardly any response from people. Like when I had a PUPPP rash, in the last month of pregnancy, and I really needed to talk to people, but most people hadn't even heard of it, so I got only a few replies, from people I hadn't really spoken to before. I have in the past posted things in a different name and got loads of responses, so I have to disagree. Don't be so sensitive!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 16

I understand what you are saying newcommer that it does seem like the people that know each other answer their questions more, but I think it is just because they see a familiar face with a familiar problem or question. Alot of the people on here have babies that are the same age. I know of at least 4 people on here that had a child born within a week of when my daughter was born and now there are alot of mommies that have more than one child (so they have something in common) and alot of mommies that had babies within the last couple of months (so they have something in common) I am not trying to make anyone mad, but I had never seen Beccah (maybe I just wasnt reading who the poster was) on here before the post about her baby in the NICU, but her post has been going for a couple of weeks now and almost everyone has posted to it. I think if you have any questions you should post them or if you have any advice or answers for people then post that! Good luck and remember that nobody on here knows anyone in person, we are all from different parts of the world!


T. - November 16

Sometimes, if people post questions that don't get answered, it's not because they're new, it's because either nobody knows the answer or they don't know what to say. Or, at the time, maybe not a lot of people are on this site. I think that this site is a great place to get and give advice. There is some negativity going on sometimes, but those people just like to cause problems and get reactions. But I definitely don't think there is favoritism.


Hello! - November 16

I have been posting here for over a year. I came when I had questions during my first pregnancy and now I am on baby number 2. I have to admit that what you are saying is true. Some of these other 'regulars" should too. Especially since there were similar posts in the General Pregnany forum a few months ago, which is incidentally, where most of the people responding negatively to your comment came from from recently. Although, I do believe it to be true that people tend not to answers questions they have seen a million times or that they have no experience with. That is to be expected especially since the same people come day in and day out. Who knows you could be a troll and knew about the previous posts in that forum. It is interesting that the same topic and the same people who responded to the topic before are responding here too. All I have to say is this was a pretty pleasant forum before their arrival, so far it hasn't been too bad. I hope that this forum doesn't turn to c___p they way the GP forum did until they all had their babies. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Eryn - November 16

I think most people respond to qustions they can relate to or give genuine advice to. I hope you stick with the forum because it really is helpful.


Just Smile Darnitt! - November 16

Oh, I see where "Hello" is going with her response! For the defense of the "regulars" that moved over to Infant Care from GP, we have not caused any problems, here or over on GP. And since most of us have had our babies, that's why we came on over, not because of problems over on GP. I dont agree with the favoritism thing, and I can only speek for myself when I say, I only answer what I know. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on a topic, if I know nothing about it. I truly hope that the Infant care forum doesn't turn into the Gong Show that it was on GP, but its threads like this one that help to start to create problems. Common Newcomer, this isn't highschool, and if you have a question post it. If not, then atleast refrain from posting questions such as this one.


Hello! - November 16

I knew there would be at least one. I never implied you came here because of the trouble there, I think the more obvious implication of why you came to this board was that you have had your babies. Please remember this is exactly how the last "gong show" started and try to refrain from starting anew one here. Happy parenting!


Jamie - November 16

To Hello; your comment was pretty pointed, and I at least thought it was designed to stir up trouble. I never really got involved with the problems on the GP forum, and I don't intend to get involved in them here - but it's posts like yours that start issues, because they are deliberately provocative.


chelsey - November 16

Well, I moved on over here because I had my baby, AND because of all the childish c___p on the GP forum. I like it over here, it is a much nicer forum! I try to answer questions, but if I dont have a descent answer then I wont post. Or if someone has already posted what I was thinking, I wont post. I'm pretty sure nobody plays favorites, but there may always be a select few who would think so. I also think, that you may see people "chatting" about their babies, but that is just because lots of us have made friends on this site, and were are genuinely concerned or curious about how our acquaintences little ones are doing. Stick around and you will see that all of us are helpful, and it doesn't matter if you are well known, your questions will be answered. See? Even this thread warranted a response, and none of us know who you are! If you have a serious question or concern, post it, we can all see if we are able to help.



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