Fear Of SIDS

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Heidi - December 3

Does anyone have this horrible fear of this? My Emma is only 7 wks old. When can you stop worrying about it? My grandma was telling me how she overheard some girls in a restaurant telling another girl how so and so's baby died of SIDS and she was only 3 months old. My grandma had a son that died at 2.5 months of SIDS too so I'm just terrified of it. I read that br___tfeeding reduces the risk and of course I take all the other precautions when she sleeps but the thought of putting her crib back in her nursery is out of the question. I wake up to every gasp she makes and check to make sure she's breathing all the time. Does anyone else do this? I'm a first time mom, can't you tell?


Steven's Mom - December 3

SIDS is terrible! I of course worried about it as well. My son is now 5 months 1 week and I still worry. He is a very strong baby which makes me feel a little better about it. The risk of SIDS last 1 year. My son has now learned to roll over so he prefers sleeping on his belly. They also make sleep mats that go under the mattress I beleive it lets you know if there is no movement during a 20 minute period. Your baby will be fine you just have to believe that. I've also read that once a baby has learned to roll over they are not at risk for SIDS. I read that in What to expect in the first year! Hang in there and little Emma will be just fine :O)


Julie - December 3

Maybe this will put your mind at ease. I read that only around 1500 babies die a year to SIDS. This seems like a small number considering the number of babies born a year. Generally babies that die from SIDS related deaths have had other medical problems. Also They are usually males and african american. Poor prenatal care and smoking can also be the cause. Perhaps your Grandmas baby died from something other than SIDs but they didn't have the medical technogy to find the real cause? I just try to keep it out of my mind and try not to even think of it. I swear sometimes I think they scare us too much.


Shelly - December 3

To Steven's mom;I am sure you ment to put:for a 20 sec period instead of 20 minute LOL>Itoo worry about SIDS and I know it peaks between 2-4 months.Jesse will be 4 months next friday and he is a healthy strong boy that makes me feel better.1500 babies a year is a very small percentage.


Julie - December 3

It is a small percentage considering there are approx. 4 mil. babies born in the US each year. I think they try to scare us so they can sell more of their SIDS prevention propaganda.


lisa - December 3

even though it doesnt happen much, i still worry, just like I worry about planes crashing when im on them but im happy to get in my car even when the risk is worse in car


Karen - December 4

Heidi your not alone .Kodi is now 3 months and I worry too. I just say a prayer each time. I pray for everyone babies and trust that they are in God's hand and taken care of. First time mommy here too. He has started to turn his head and lift up on his tummy. This maes me feel better. In a few weeks he will pa__s the high peak. Thank God.


to Heidi - December 4

I know what you mean. I'm still pregnant, but every time I come into contact with secondhand smoke, I worry that it'll one day have an effect on my little son sleeping in his crib. I also worry the same about toxoplasmosis, even though I'm sure I'm immune to it by now... as I've been around cats my whole life & I haven't cleaned a litter box once during pregnancy. But you're right, Lisa... about being worried about planes crashing even though waaaay more people get killed in car crashes. I think it's normal to worry. It shows that we're thoughtful (even when the thoughts drive us nuts), caring folks.


Heidi - December 4

I know what you mean. My first few weeks of pregnancy I came in contact with a house infested with every kind of animal you can name and we had to move them all out and some of them had lice and stuff and that's all I thought about during my pregnancy. I didn't change our litterbox either. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Now I'm going to check on my little one to make sure she's still breathing! I'm really bad about that!!!!


Lissi - December 4

Yes, I worry about it constantly. I also wake up to every gasp she makes. It's even worse when she has a cold. I don't suppose I will stop worrying until she is a year old. I was going to move her to a seperate room when she's 6 months, but now that's out of the question. I need to hear that she's breathing.



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