Feb Mom S Part 2

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dwc - April 17

Hey ladies, started a new thread. Let's get some updates, how is everyone doing?


dwc - April 17

Well how was everyone's easter holiday if they got one? Mine was great, Samantha hunted easter eggs and loved what the bunny brought her. Cynthia on the other hand, slept right through it. We got up at 7:30 am was at church by 9:30 am, she ate during church and went to sleep about 11 am and didn't wake up except 2 times to eat and then fell right back to sleep after, she woke up around 5:30 pm for about 2 hours ate and then went to sleep until about 7:30 am today, wow, I was a little worried about her, but was proud that she got some rest, because she had been really mad the day before with her tummy hurting and didn't get any rest. well i hope everyone is doing well, talk to you all later.


dwc - April 19

anyone still with me in the feb mom's group?


Maggie - April 19

Hi dwc, I'm still with you. Our Easter was great. Katie looked like a little angel. Life has been busy for me because I've been getting my resume together. I can't go back to my old job because the gallbladder surgery has taken me out of any heavy lifting job for at least the next 6 weeks, so I'm trying to get a job in hospital administration until I can work in the ER again. My union is gonna have a heart-attack. I gotta go Katie is crying for her 50th bottle today. I'll check back soon.


Beth B - April 19

Hey I am still here too. A new thread is a great idea. The other was getting way too long! Jaden has sleepy days too. But most days he is wide awake and fussy when he can't nap. We had a good Easter. Jaden got spoiled by his grandmas. He got a really cool monkey puppet (by baby einstein) that sings and he LOVES it. He is even willing to do tummy time to look at it. He mostly hates tummy time what about your LOs? Maggie when do you go back? I have to get a resume going to because in June I am going to start looking for a new job. Doing what I don't know......


Ameyas mom - April 20

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing good. Has everyone gotten their 2 month shots? Ameya goes in the morning, and I think It's going to be hard on me. How was it for everyone else? How much do you're kids weigh now? Ameya started 7'6 and now she is almost 11. Well talk to you later.


cynthia334 - April 20

hello all new here My baby is 2 months yesterday. he just had his shots, i was so worried but he was fine. A little cranky, but i was told to give his tylenol and it helped. He was 7 13 when i had him, now he is basically 14 pounds...big baby....


dwc - April 25

Well we are all doing well here... Wish me luck I have to go Saturday and take the Praxis Test to get my lic to teach, and I am a little nervous. I am taking the Social Studies Content Knowledge, the last part I need to get my lic. This is the big career change I spoke of a few months back... Also, we have decieded to go to Texas for Memorial day weekend with the girls, my sis is having surgery that week at md anderson and i promised Samantha I would take her to Texas so I thought this would be the time to go, and see my sis also. Cynthia will be 4 months by then, any advice, we will be driving, should take us about 10 hours, prob longer with the kids, my dh is going also. Samantha is leaving to go to her dad's for the summer June 1st and will be back July 18th, wish me luck on that as well I will be a wreck. But then again I may be so busy with Cynthia that time flies... Well hope everyone is doing well, will talk back later.


Heather - April 25

Hi Everyone! I was supposed to be a March Mom (March 10th) but my little came early (Feb 4). I hope you don't mind me joining you guys. Carter is almost 3 months and I can hardly believe it. He is a little behind on his milestones but I guess that is to be expected. He is now holding his head up most of the time and we are getting more smiles every day. I can't wait to hear that first laugh!! I am back at work and I hate every minute of it. Luckily my fiance's parents are keeping Carter so we don't have to put him in daycare just yet. But it is still so hard. I hear everyday what he did and about all the smiles they got out of him and it just breaks my heart that I'm not there with him. They have even seen him roll over from his tummy to his back and I haven't even seen him get close to doing it. Oh well, at least he is with family. He is now sleeping through the night!!! I feed him between 8:30 and 9 and put him down and then I have to wake him up at 5:30! This past weekend we just let him sleep and he slept till 7:30! Well, gotta get back to work... Hope everyone has a good day.


Maggie - April 25

Hi ladies! Welcome Heather and Cynthia. I had to go back to work this week :-( I really should have given myself more time to recover from the gallbladder surgery but my bills are stressing me out. Katie is doing great. She is sleeping through the night and making noise non-stop. I have a feeling I'm going to have a little chatterbox on my hands. I am so unbelieveably tired and now Katie is screaming so I'll write more later.


Heather - April 27

Hi! I am so happy tomorrow is Friday!!! I am going to see Jimmy Buffett tomorrow night and Carter is going to sleep over at his MiMi's (my mom). This will be my first night away from him since he came home from the hospital at 2 weeks old! I don't know how I am going to handle it. It will be nice to get home after the concert and not have to worry about feeding him and putting him down and maybe even have some "fun" time with my fiance' without worrying about waking him up but I don't know how I am going to wake up on Saturday and not have him in his crib next to me. That's what I get sad about! Oh well. I guess this is just one of the many tough firsts that is going to happen. I hope everyone is doing well and having a good week!


psychology - April 30

I've been sick for two weeks..... and now my three month old daughter just caught her first cold.....her nose is realy stuffy... I use the thing to suck out the stuff...and I put some salt and water in her nose...and giving her a little bit of medication....she looks horrible,her eyes all red.... I don't feel good either, so it's hard to take care of her...tomorrow is MOnday and boyfriend is going to work... (and I have to confess, I'll probably stay up all night listening to her breathing....) My parents were over this weekend. It was nice, except that we told my momlike 5 times not to wake her up from her swing (she had her neck all on one side and my mom was panicking) and she still woke her up................I hope she does not do that often cause it irritated me. However, she is spoiling her with nice clothes and toys. TAKE CARE EVERYONE


dwc - May 2

Hey guys I go back to the doc with Cynthia this Thursday... She has been really fussy. I know the doc said it was colic, but I feel it is something else so we go back for round two. I am thinking of getting a second op though from another doc. Anyway. I think she is constipated. Does anyone know if they could have hard bowl movements right now. I know they are only getting liquid and not likely for stools to be hard but is it possible to have hard stuff in there and the loose stools coming around that? Just wondering, she strains so hard with her movements, I just worry that there is something wrong. She also does not seem to be satisfied and full most of the time. Well i will check back in later. hope everyone is doing well



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