February Mom S From My Group Where R U ALL

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kades_momma - February 27

Just wanted to see if I could catch up with any of you ladies. If so I will write more later. -Kari


kades_momma - March 17



mamagoose - March 17

I'm here! Tyler is 5 weeks old now, and I think he's starting his growth spurt a bit early (which might make sense cause he was 9 days late). I've been nursing him every 2 hours for 30 minutes each time, and if he's not sleeping, he's crying!! Sheesh... I hope its a short growth spurt, because otherwise I'm raising a future grumpy b___terball!


blessedmom78 - March 17

Hey Ladies, I was only an occasional poster, more of a lurker, but I'm still here! My little girl is 4.5 weeks old. Kelsey is a good nurser.....every three hours (once a day it's every hour for three hours) and 'knock on wood' she sleeps for 3-5 hours at a time at night. We are starting to find a routine! I look forward to hearing from the other Feb moms! Lisa


blessedmom78 - March 17

mamagoose, that last nine days must have been pretty miserable. I had my LO a week and a half early, and I was a hurtin unit!


Gavinsmom - March 18

Hi! I posted occasionally, but was also more of a lurker. I was supposed to be a Feb mom, but ds was born 3 weeks early on Jan 25th! He will be 8 weeks on Thursday...I'm dreading him getting his shots! :( Gavin is 10 1/2 lbs already (born at 5 lb 6 oz)! What do all of your lo's weigh now? Mamagoose--I feel your pain about the growth spurt (see my thread called fussy period). Talk to ya'll later!


dedaa - March 18

Hey Kari! Im here of course.Alexia turned 6 weeks on Friday but she is already up to 11lbs. She was 8.5 at birth. Going in for my pp check up tommorow and getting an IUD put in. I asked about it on another thread and one lady said she has had it in for awhile and she still spots. I do not like that idea. Have any of you ever had one? What is everyone else going to using for birth control? Anyhow back to dd she is a pretty good nurser. Shr nurses now about every 3-4 hours during the day, at night she feeds around 11-12 and does not wake up again till around 6:30. She is pretty good though. Im in love with her already.lol


BWIND - March 18

I posted some, but have found that I'm posting a lot more now. My son was born Feb. 15th. He was 7.8 and I'm guessing he is almost 10 now. How much are your LO eating at this point? Sometimes he eats 4 oz.....sometimes as little as 2oz. He eats about every 3 hours. During the night he goes longer usually 4hrs. I'm having a major BM problem with him. He can't poop!!! I think it is the formula change. Had him on Enfamil Lipil.....He was fussy, ga__sy, and constipated....switched to gentlease...Did well, had a BM once a day....but then started puking it at least once a day.....NOW, he's on Isomil Soy. He's not too fussy, doesn't throw up....BUT can't poop. I don't think he has pooped on his own since he's been on it. I have to give him a baby supository... and it is no wonder he cries when he tries to go. I hate to switch formulas again....I thought about Nestle Good Start. Does anyone use that? I heard it is much easier to digest. He is a doll baby! I love to snuggle with him on my chest:)


KimS - March 18

Hey Kari and Dedaa!! so glad to hear your los are doing so well.. Logan was 5 wks on Friday, he is doing well, over 10 lbs all ready!!! he is a little porker!! he sleeps pretty well, he cluster feeds at night and then sleeps 4 - 5 hrs which is great.. I am nursing but we feed him 1 bottle of formula a day.. my dh feeds him and does the middle of the night feeding.. this way I get to sleep for about 7 hrs its great!!! I can't wait for it to be warm enough to get out walking!! I'm doing well, but had a few hiccups.. my incision got infected .. but all is good now.. look forward to hearing from all of you.. Kim


Gavinsmom - March 18

BWIND--My lo also eats 4 oz every 3 hours. He is exclusively on b___stmilk and has no problem pooping...he's a poop machine! I have a friend that uses Nestle Good Start that swears it's the best formula. She tried pretty much all of the formulas on the market and this was the only one that agreed with her dd. Good luck and let me know how it works for you if you decide to switch again! :)


dedaa - March 19

BWIND- I used Nestle Good Start with my other two children when I was done nursing. I loved it though never had any complaints about it. Kids always went to the bathroom good and it did not cause them to spit up. KimS- Hey I was thinking about you and wondering how things were going with being a first time mom. Sorry to hear about the infection though. Im having some problems with my incision too. I did some housework the other day and was mopping my floors and when i lifted the bucket it was really heavy. I never even thought about it till afterwards. Anyhow i have been bleeding bright red blood of and on for about a week now and the left side of my incision has been really tender and sore ever since. Go for pp check up today so I will see what the doc thinks.


freeflyingangel - March 19

Hi, i was originally a jamuary mom, but my ds decided to be a feburary baby instead. he came on feb 7th so he is six weeks on wednesday! he was only 8 days late.


mamagoose - March 19

Tyler's a big baby (8 lbs 10 oz at birth, 11 lbs 0 oz at his 1-month check-up), but he only eats about 3.5 oz (when I pump b___stmilk to bottle feed him) every 2.5 hours... I just don't think his tummy can hold any more yet! He still has milia (infant pimples) on his face, I wish they'd clear up soon! blessedmom78- those last 9 days were definitely long ones, I didn't think I'd EVER go into labour! And when I finally did, it still took 36 hours of contractions and 2 hours of pushing to get him out! He was just too happy staying inside. I can't believe he'll be 6 weeks old this Friday!


Kennas Mommy - March 19

Well... I am a February mom BUT my dd was born Feb. 3, 2006! So she is almost 14 months now! I was just reading the posts and I remember when my lil girl was that age! If any of you have any questions about anything...I've been there =) So you can talk to me. I love talking to other moms too... myspace.com/too_excited if anyone wants to talk sometime!!


dedaa - March 20

Hey ladies! How is everyone doing? I went to the doc yesterday and got an IUD put in. It was a bit painful. Well hopefully it works out well dont want to have any more babies now. Two in diapers is enough for me. LOL Alexia is now 11lbs 9 ounces and 23 1/4 inches long now. She is growing really well. All those who are nursing do you feel full anymore? DD is obviously getting enough but I dont ever feel full. Well just wanted to bump our thread up again. TTYL


kades_momma - March 22

Hey ladies, Nobody posted the first time I did this post, so I diddn't expect anything. Wow! I'm so glad to hear from you all. Jaycie is now a month and one week old today. She's awesome! I can sit and stare at her for hours! But she is way different than Kadence. He slept through the night from day one. Jaycie was waking alot but now it is just about every 2 hours. And she is drinking 5 ounces. I think she is getting up so much cause I lowered the amount of formula I was putting in cause she was have just bad pooping problems.Sorry tmi but it was really hard and she was having a hard time going, and wasn't going but every few days. I just started putting the full amount in last night and she wokeup twice. So hopefully the pooping problem stays good. How's everyones weight loss. I still have 20 lbs to go, and its so depressing. I went through my dresser the other day and cried. I think I am having troubles since i quit smoking, cause I gotta have something in my mouth at all times. It sucks. Well I'm gonna go for now. You ladies stay in touch. -Kari



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