February Mums 09

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angelmonkey - February 17

ok so i thought i,d start a thread here for the feb mums as we,ve nearly all had our littles one, just a few to go


angelmonkey - February 17

ok so Heidi is 9 days old today and i have to say at the moment she is such a good baby! she hardly cries she just sits there awake quite content looking around, the only time she really gets fussy and cries a bit is when she,s got a dirty bum! when she,s hungry she,s to busy trying to suck every thing in sight to cry lol! she sleeps for about 5hours at a time at night so wakes up about twice...........im still b___stfeeding although my b___bs dont seem to be getting as full but its probaly just them adjusting to her eating patteren......she eats more during the day about every 2-4hours unless she,s being fussy on the b___b then she tends to have half hour breaks then wants feeding again.................its so amazing how fast time has gone! she seems so less fragile allready! she got weighed again day 7 and she was the same weight as her birth weight which the midwife said is really good considering they loose weight anyway and she is being b___stfed so they tend to loose more in the first week! she allready lifts her head up for a good 10 seconds and she even rolled on to her side this morning while i was changing her bum! and she,s so alert when she,s awake! hope to catch up with you all soon!


CodyKatie5 - March 4

I know I wasn't in the February moms group in the Third Tri board, but may I join? I was a March mommy, but my daughter Payslie arrived on February 20. It's nice to talk to other moms because she is my first and sometimes I just need to hear from other moms that my baby is normal.


angelmonkey - March 5

hey codykatie5 of course you can join i dotn know where all the other feb mums have got to lol, how is your little one? did you have a girl or a boy? i had a little girl called Heidi and she is 4 weeks old on sunday! it has gone soo fast! she is the cutest little thing ever! she is also my first. how are you finding motherhood? i think its great



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