Feeding Babies When They Cry

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Amy_mommy - June 14

i feed my 2 mths old baby 4 oz every 3.5 hours.....but a lot ofmy friends feed their baby whenever the baby cries?????????? is this a good idea????? feeding baby whenever he/she cries??????


Rabbits07 - June 14

Some people like to adhere to a schedule and others feed on demand.....I guess it is just according to your parenting style. I have always fed on demand as I feel a baby that young is not able to wait if it's hungry...I know I get frustrated if I am hungry and have to wait on my food for even 10-20 minutes! My 10 week old only eats on average every 4-5 hours anyway, but tends to nurse more often and longer in the evenings. If your baby is not crying in between feedings then your schedule is fine, but feeding on demand is fine, too.


bbelmore - June 14

I feed my baby whenever he cries (b___stfeed) and he is doing great! he has grown 5.5 inches and gained 6 pounds 2 oz since birth and he's almost 10 weeks old. He usually nurses every hour or so, but rarely more than 10 minutes at a time. I love feeding on demand. He maybe cries a total of 10 minutes a day like this. Peace is wonderful. I also feel like smaller meals more often has helped immensely in eliminating gas problems, he hasn't winced from gas pain since he was 3 weeks old. It's how the pros recommend we as adults eat, why not feed our children this way?


K - June 14

My pediatrician strongly believes that babies should be fed when they give hunger signs and cry, not on a strict schedule. She says your baby can't just go get something to eat when she is hungry like you can. She says that responding to their needs helps make them feel safe and secure, and you wouldn't like it if you felt like you were starving and people just looked at you instead of letting you eat. You just need to try to figure out if the cry is from hunger or something else. At that age, my daughter had a very distinct cry for hunger (3 short cries and then one long one over and over) in addition to the mouthing movements, and she ate about every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I know that there is no way 4 oz every 3.5 hours would have been enough for my little one, but you are the one that knows your child best. If your child seems happy between feedings, then I'm sure it is fine.


Annette - June 14

The first few months, specially for b___stfed babies, it´s hard to get on a schedule. I feed on demand but also have noticed that my son demands EXACTLY every 3 hours : )))


JAI - June 14

If your baby is anything like my son....she will not go much past the 4hour period anyway. My ds was the same at that age, pretty much 4oz every 4 hours, then as he got older it increased to 6oz every 4hours now he still goes about every 4hours only now he has food and either a 6 or 8oz bottle with that. But then after his evening feeding he is good until the morning. But like I said you can give it a try and see how long she will go before crying, and I bet it will not be much past 4hours. Good Luck!!!


melissa g. - June 14

i am glad this came up! I strictly b___stfed for the first 3 months, then we moved to bottle b/c I had a medical problem arise -- anyway, i have been doing the formula thing for the past month (but she had bottle from week 3, just with pumped b___stmilk) -- I am noticing that she does better with smaller feedings more often -- if i made her wait 4 hrs she would lose her MIND, the longest she can go is 3 and a half, but generally I have noticed a pattern of her liking to eat every 3 hrs. Every once in awhile she wants to eat after 2 hrs or so. At first, I thought the whole schedule thing sounded great and I was against on demand feeding -- I have since reversed this way of thinking. I myself like to eat something every 3 hrs (and when I had gestational diabetes, my nurse said that was a more healthy way to eat, smaller meals more often). How can I expect my baby to eat any differently? It doesnt seem to matter if she eats 4 or 6 oz, she likes to eat every 3 hrs pretty much, so why should I load up her little tummy, and then she spits up, when I could just feed her more often? I feel like a doof that I bought into the whole strict schedule thing for so long! My dd is 4 months this week. At night she sleeps thru the night, generally 8-10 hrs before she wakes to eat at 6 am. Occasionally she will wake at 2 AM, and then I feed her then but she rarely does that anymore.



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