Feeding Bags

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Lindsey - January 20

Hiya my ds is 7 months old and I want to soon start him on finger foods, (he's a very fussy eater and will only eat porridge at the moment) well i know in the US you all rave about a mesh feeding bag, apparently you can put fruit/veggies in it and your baby will chew on it, it also stops choking (something else I am personally afraid of). Anyway I am having trouble in the UK finding a similar thing, can you girls help me and give me the correct name for one so I can have a look on the net. Also to the UK girls, if you have seen them in the UK, where did you see them.


mcatherine - January 20

They are called mesh feeders. You can go to onestepahead.com. I believe they ship international if you don't have any luck finding one where you are. Good luck!


Lindsey - January 21

Ha ha, so i did a google search for mesh feeders for UK websites and all it came back was feeding for birds, hm guess I'll be looking at the website. Thanks for your help mcatherine


shelly - January 21

hi lindsey,ive tried everywhere in the uk to get one but seems to be only online that we can get them and have them shipped.i did see one site that said the price in pounds rather than dollars and gave a number to call for uk customers, its called motherbliss and the number is 0208 925 6150 and there are quite a few other sites as well but all in the us,meanwhile i ll keep looking here to because they look great dont they,good luck.


vonzo - January 21

What's a feeding bag?


Lisastar9 - January 21

.sa__sybaby.com/product?productid=68&product=Teething%20Feeder no dashes if they appear....Munchkin has one too I prefer sa__sybaby.


San - January 21

This isn't going to help you out much but it's too bad you didn't post this over Christmas. My friends from London were visiting and I would have sent a couple back with them so they could have mailed them to you.


Lindsey - January 21

Ok, so I've ordered one from ebay, through a shop in the US, it has cost me $16.50 including the shipping, the shipping was only just cheaper than the item, but nevermind. Thats was for a pack of 2 as they seemed to be only a little extra for an additional one. They should take 7-10 days to deliver. Vonzo, they are little mesh bags that you can put food in and basically you lo will chew/suck it, the food comes through the mesh so there is little chance of choking. George is teething so I am hoping to put frozen fruit in it to help with that. Thanks for all your help, As i said I brought mine via ebay at a shop called lanky lizard. i tried going through directly to a few websites but they wanted me to fll out a shipping order, then when that was approved I needed to fax it with my credit card details. It was just much easier to use my paypal on ebay.


vonzo - January 21

ooo they sound kind of bizarre. If i'd have seen one it would probably make more sense! I think i'm going to go have a nosey now actually. My dd is teething too and hasn't quite got the hang of teething rings, she tries bless her but just ends up poking herself in the eye. Will come in handy in a couple months when she starts finger foods! Thanks!



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