Feeding Behaviour

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AudreyC - February 23

Another question. Over the past few days my three month old daughter has been gulping down 6-oz bottles of formula every 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day almost like clockwork. It's getting a bit frustrating because this hectic schedule doesn't allow me the time to get any rest or chores done. Is she going through a growth spurt, or is it time to start introducing infant cereal (the kind you mix with formula)? She also has recently developed a liking for mouthing her hands. Is this a sign that her teeth might be starting?


piratesmermaid - February 23

She could very well be starting to teeth. My dd started around that age. And 3months sounds like growth spurt. Usually these hectic feedings last around a week, then they'll sleep a bit more the next week. (At least, that's how it was with my dd, and a couple of the ladies on here...)


mandee25 - February 23

My 13 week old ds just started mouthing his hands and does it constantly. I know it's not from hunger because sometimes he does it after eating. 3 weeks ago he was taking 6 oz bottles every 3-4 hours and this week I started him on a few 8 oz bottles a day and 3 other 7 oz bottles with hopes of him getting enough to sleep through the night. He pretty much eats every 4 hours like clockwork and sometimes will go longer.


ashtynsmom - February 23

Have you tried making her 8 oz bottles instead of 6 oz? She may very well be having a growth spurt. That is common around 3 mos old. Some babies chew on their hands for hunger, some for teeth, and some for comfort. It just depends!!


lin7604 - February 23

my ds was doing that at 3 months and he hasn't stopped! he eats every 2-2.5 hrs ( well that was since birth) but he eats 6 oz each time and sometimes when he is done he cries, Like he wants more. I can't believe him sometimes. So i introduced cereal this week and he is 4 months 2morrow in the evenings to see if that helps as he was eating almost 50 oz a day!



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