Feeding During The Night

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HH - May 18

Hi ladies, I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant and love coming over here to learn all the different tips and tricks! Quick question though, since babies feed every 2-3 hours at the beginning, what if it's his/her feeding time during the night and he/she is sleeping? Do you quietly br___tfeed them while they are sleeping or do you wake them up to feed them or do you leave them until they are up crying wanting to be fed? Thanks alot!


HannahBaby - May 18

havent you ever heard never wake a sleeping baby!! In the hospital they will make you feed the baby every 2-3 hours just to make sure baby will tolerate feedings, at home, however, that is a different story!! Some babies sleep through the night from day one!! (i did at 2 weeks) I dont advise waking up baby to eat, if she is hungry she will wake up to eat. I always changed her diaper when she woke up so that she would eat and not fall asleep as soon as she started sucking.


Rabbits07 - May 18

I'm with HannahBaby....let them sleep. Alot of times babies that feed every 2-3 hours during the day will go a four or five hour stretch at night. There are some exceptions such as having a preemie or if the baby is sleeping all night and a weight check indicated baby is not gaining at an acceptable rate. In those cases a pedi may recommend waking to feed, but as stated inthe above post they will usually wake when hungry. All my babies were sleepy and lazy...barely ate a thing for the first two or three days. The nurses always seem so concerned, but they always picked up and became better eaters after a few days. Oh..one more thing...try to pick up on hunger cues before they start crying (eg. smacking lips, sucking on hand, etc.) Sometimes it is hard to get them calmed down to eat once they reach a full b__wn cry.


meme - May 18

I think that "wake the baby up to feed during the night" thing is only meant to last for a week or two. After that, if they sleep, it's probably fine to let them. My son is almost 3 weeks old, and he wakes up every three to four hours to eat. I think he knows better than I do what's good for him at this point.


pbj - May 18

I agree with meme, but only if you are b___stfeeding. If you are b___stfeeding you really need to wake your LO to nurse mainly to establish your milk supply. This was ONE of the many HUGE mistakes I made and my milk completely dried up. If you are formula feeding I don't really feel it's necessary to wake them. As meme said after those few weeks of nursing there's no need to wake them.


kimberley - May 19

I wouldn't wake them, unless they go for more than 8 hours, and are under 8 weeks old....


bean - May 19

At the hospital and at our pedi's check up it was recommended that she eats every 3 hours (tops). We never had a problem because the baby woke up on her own, so we never had to set an alarm. But there's also the SIDS fear that babies can fall into a too deep sleep, so you may want to wake her every 3 hours. My little one is 10 days old today. At first she would wake up every hour. Last night was amazing though - she's starting to get on a 2 to 3 hour schedule. We established a really good routine of wake up, go to nursery, play soft music with dim lights and change diaper, then nurse, then go back to bed. I know it's only day 10, but she seems to understand that night time is sleep time and enjoys the routine. Also - regarding waking, once your milk comes in it'll hurt like hell not to wake her and have her eat (if you're bf).


LisaB - May 20

If you end up b___st feeding I would wake baby every three hours at night to keep your supply up also if baby sleeps along perios he/she will wake up over hungry and it will be hard to get baby to latch on which in the beginning is real important that way you wont end up with sore b___st. I woke my ds up until he was around 8 or 9 weeks he was a tiny baby so I felt it was important for him to eat.


Sarahsmommy - May 21

I say it completly depends on your baby. I had a "sleepy" baby who wouldn't wake up on her own for anything, she also developed jaudice, and was small, so I had to wake her up if she slept more then 4 hours. Just ask you dr what they think before you leave the hospital and then again when you go for the 1 week checkup. I think once they start gaining weight well you can let them sleep though.


ash2 - May 21

i agree with bean and lisa. ecspecially if you are b___stfeeding. your milk supply needs to know when to come in so you will need to b___stfeed every 3 hours or so to keep that coming in. i would not reccomend you letting a newborn sleep more than 6 hours at a time at night without waking her up for a feeding. it is very important for her to get nutrition in those early weeks. however , you can do what you want, but when i was a first time mom, i could not ever sleep because i was so worried checking on him : )


Angela in California - May 26

if you are b___stfeeding then yes, you do need to wake them up in the night to feed them tomake sure you are feeding them at least every 3 hours. This is imprtant to establish your milk supply. You want to shoot for having 8-12 feedings a day for the first month.



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