Feeding Less And Sleeping More

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angiearts - March 22

My dd is 4 months old now and she is STILL waking up about every 3 hours to eat. We started feeding her cereal on Sunday (with a spoon), but it hasn't changed anything. Not only does she wake up about every 3 hours, she eats 6 oz each time. She is eating too much I think, but how do you get her to eat less? She won't drink more than 5-6 oz at a time. I don't go to the dr until next week, so I thought I'd ask for any advice.


erin - March 22

my son is a little over 7 months, is on solids (twice a day) and b___stfed. he still eats every 3 hrs...although sometimes he will go 4 or 5 hrs if he is taking a longer nap. it doesn't sound like your daughter is eating too much to me. if she is hungry, i suggest you feed her like you have been, until she is satisfied. my son was still eating every 3 hrs at 6 months, so that doesn't sound odd to me. why are you saying she is eating too much?


erin - March 22

also, have you tried keeping her up the three hours and then getting her to nap right after she eats?


MJM - March 23

As long as she is not spitting up or vomitting she should be fine. My son is 11wks, he drinks 2 8oz bottles and about every 3hrs or so he will drink 6-7. she may just be growing more hungry as she is getting bigger. Try giving her a bigger bottle and see if that will hold her over for a while longer. Babies know when they are hungry and the only sign that they are eating too much would be her vomitting. Like I said my son in the am drinks 8oz and at night he drinks 8oz. During the day it is 6-7oz every 3-4 hrs. Before bed he also gets spoon fed some cereal. If she is waking to eat she is hungry! try a bigger bottle and see what happens. Obviously the 5-6oz is not holding her over and my not be satisfying her.


angiearts - March 23

I guess I should elaborate a little more on this. I am talking about at night. She is drinking an average of 42-48 oz total in a day! I thought they only should be eating around 32 oz. She is staying up more during the day, usually taking 2 naps, so she should be able to sleep longer at night.


Kt - March 23

I would suggest maybe giving her a pacifier, if she takes one, when she wakes up in the middle of the night or maybe try comforting her and trying to eliminate one of the bottles. My dd is 4 and 1/2 months and eats about 25-28oz a day and she is on cereal and veggies...she goes to bed around 7 and still wakes up for a 5oz bottle around 12-1..i am trying to break her of this too because she should be sleeping longer, but it is a work in progress. She does take a pacafier, so sometimes i give her that and she will sleep for a couple more hours, then i feed her. Each child is different, but i do agree with you that she is drinking a lot. by this age she should be able to give up one bottle at night...see what your dr. says..Good Luck!


erin - March 23

i didn't know this was at night too...are you co-sleeping? some women on another thread are having problems with babies waking at night while co-sleeping. i must say, 42 to 48 oz is a lot. did your pediatrician give the go ahead for introducing solids?


pbj - March 24

I find that the more my dd naps, the more she sleeps at night. Well, you don't want them to sleep too much during the day. My dd is awake for no more than 2-3 hrs at a time then naps for at least 1/2-1 hr and she's been sleeping at least 9 hrs at night since she was 2 mths. (she's also 4 mths old). If she won't nap I lay her down with me for some chill out time. A sleep deprived child is much harder to put to sleep. I read a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby" and while I don't prescribe to everything it says it does give you some great information. Have you jtried ust going to her at night w/o feeding her first, she may just need comfort and maybe she's equating that to a bottle. My dd eats about 35-40 oz a day (I think that's too much, but anyway...she's not overweight), but it's given to her in 5 bottles. Try increasing little by little in each bottle, I did it by the 1/2 oz every other day until she was drinking 7-8 oz a bottle. I really found that this combination worked best for us. She does go through a period here or there where her sleep at night is not that great, but I will say it can almost always be linked to the fact that she didn't nap that well during the day. It depends on the baby though, you dd may find she is getting sufficient naps with 2 a day. Look for the signs that she is sleepy, but maybe you just think she's bored: rubbing eyes, pulling ears and of course any other obvious sign; my dd was sleep deprived and I didn't even realize it. We have other nap issues, but that's another story.She'll fight sleep, but once I settle her down, you can see she wants sleep. Don't know if this will help, but good luck!



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