Feeding Problems

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Karen - October 20

I am br___tfeeding my little man. He sucks for 5 mins then falls asleep. I let him sleep and he gets terrible gas and I know he is not eating enough at each feed. He is pooping as he is eating. I gave him grip water for his gas. He also starts pooping while he is eating , once he starts pooping he stops sucking and falls asleep. He gups down the milk like someone is chasing him or will take the milk away. He gets tired rest then falls alseep. His stool is normal and his pee is normal as well. This arccording to what I read indicates he is getting enough to eat. I also try to drain both br___t. I have also started to make him suck on both br___t for his 5 mins. Once he is done they seem drained to me. HE goes to sleep but then about 2 1/2 to 3 hours later he wakes and seems to be starving and full of gas. I tried waking him back up after five mins but he refuses to take my br___t or even any bottle I have pumped. I timed the time he took to suck on a bottle it was 5 to 7 mins. I still can help but feel like he is not getting enough. I dont want to overfeed him. I have done that before and he puked up and his little face look so sad and confused I started to cry. How I tell if he has had a bellyful. I dont see his doc for another week.


Jamie - October 20

If his dipes are normal, he's getting enough to eat...but I'd stick with one b___st for the 5 minutes, rather than switching out - sticking with just 1 ensures that he's getting enough hindmilk. What color is his poo? It should be bright yellow. As far as the gas - babies get gas. I give mine mylicon drops - they work for us. Also, eating every 3 hours is absolutely normal for babies under 4 months old. The best way to feed b___stfed babies is on demand. If he's hungry, he'll cry. If he's full, he won't cry (because of hunger). If he's overfull, he'll spit up. Just follow his cues, and don't worry unless the doctor says he's not thriving. But, honestly, it sounds to me as though he's just perfect.


Lissi - October 20

I have similar problems with Nadya. She has also puked everything up sometimes, and it's very distressing for her, but I don't think it's due to overfeeding. I think it's just that sometimes they get so ga__sy, that it just explodes out of them, bringing most of their milk with it, and of course they get hungry again soon after. Your Kodi sounds like my Nadya, in that they gulp down milk like there's no tomorrow. I think that's part of the problem. They're so greedy at the beginning of a feed, that they take in almost as much gas as milk! Isn't it normal for a b___stfed baby to get hungry every 2-3 hours? Nadya is the same, unless she's very tired. I read on the net, that b___stmilk gets digested in 2 hours. Nadya also falls asleep at the b___st, so I often change her nappy at that point, to try and wake her up a bit, then feed her again. Is Kodi putting on weight? Because if he is, there's nothing to worry about. I was scared that Nadya would be underweight, because she seems to throw up at least 1 feed per day, but so far, she's putting on about 8 oz per week. I have to try and make her burp a couple of times during her feed now, to try and stop her puking, even though she hates it, and struggles with me, because she just wants more milk. She's been a little better since I started doing this, but we she still gets some gas, and still pukes from time to time. I think it's just something we have to put up with, until they're a few months old, and have better digestion. I think, if he's getting fat, seems generally well, and isn't puking up every feed, he's probably ok. Let me know what your Doc says, please. :) I'm interested to know what he/she has to say.


karen - October 20

His poo is normally bright yellow and seedy. lately it has been greenish. Doc said it was normal to change to that color. He seems heavier to me. He was 5 10 when he born ( 4 weeks early). 5' 12 at his first app. On his second two weeks later he was 7 4. I go to the doc next saturday for his monthy check up and to see how much he weights. I will let you know what the doc says for sure. My guy hates burping too. I have done the change napppy thing too. :) Oh yea when he falls alseep on my chest I cant move him cause he wakes easly. Cant beleive he just fed for 19 mins. WOW


Jamie - October 21

The greenish color could be a result of switching b___sts; if he's not getting enough hindmilk, his poo will turn green. Try nursing him from just one side, and see if that makes a difference in his poo; if it does, you'll know he wasn't getting enough hindmilk.



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