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kris313 - February 8

I'm about to start dd on fruits and veggies. Right now she has a bottle around 6:00 when she gets up and then bottle and cereal around 10:00 or so at daycare. Should I add fruit to that feeding or switch her solids to her 6:00 am feeding?


bchflwr - February 8

How old is your dd? Ds is 8 months wakes at about 6 also and I give him a bottle. He goes to school and they feed him breakfast of a jar of mixed cereal mixed with applesauce around 830, then bottle around 9. He gets a stage 2 fruit for lunch around 1200 with bottle, and a stage 2 veggie for dinner around 430. I don't do the solids at the first feeding because it seems a little early in the am and most times he usually goes back to sleep until 7. Hope that helps some!


kris313 - February 8

She's 5.5 mos. The big issue is this - I want to switch her solid feeding to when she first eats in the morning so that I don't miss out on it. I miss so much as it is because I don't get home from work until almost 6:00. I'm lucky if I get her for an hour of "awake" time at night. But I don't want to screw up her feeding schedule by doing switching.


bchflwr - February 8

I know how you feel. I felt like that when ds first started solids but not so much now. Now I just make sure I am the first one to give him different foods so at least I can be a part of that experience. It will take some adjusting, but Im sure she would be fine. When we first started on solids I did it early in the am before bottle, but ds was so hungry he didn't want to have anything to do with it, ,just the bottle. So that is how we fell into this routine. Also now I can spend the time I would have spent feeding him playing with him and he gets to have "breakfast" with the other kids at school. Good Luck!


Regina - February 9

Kris, I know how you feel. Here's what worked for me so I wouldn't miss out on any of my dd's new foods. We started with cereal in the evenings and once we had that down, I had my MIL (who watches her) start giving it to her during the day too. Then I rotate her through new foods (fruits/veggies) in the evening after I get home from work so I can be the one to experience them with her. Right now she just gets solids twice a day - mid-morning and early evening. I don't know if you feel like you have time to do a feeding when you get home from work, but this works for me. Good luck!


apr - February 9

kris-my ds is 6 months and i started him on veggies and fruit. he has been having cereal in his formula for quite a while now... i give him his first bottle with cereal at around 6-7 am and then i leave for work. he has another 2 bottles at day care and then i give him the solids the rest of the day. he only just started, so i dont have anything set yet. but i give him a jar of stage 2 mixed fruits and then later on some mashed chicken with mashed sweet potatoe/zucchini/carrot etc. i prefer giving him the solids on my own, not that i dont trust her, but i like it this way. good luck


kris313 - February 9

Dh gets her from 4:00 until I get home and steals all her cuteness! Most nights I do get to feed her when I get home but then she immediately falls asleep. She'll wake up for an hour or so and then its bedtime bottle and she's down for the night. At least I get to cuddle her lots before dh makes me put her in her crib. Its funny, the first couple of weeks I would HAVE to spend all night in the rocker with her and now its all I WANT to do.



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