Feeding Solids SUCH A PAIN

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JerseyGirl - January 28

My DS is nearly 8 months old and he's been eating solids since 4.5 months. Within the last month or so, it's been really frustrating trying to get him to eat. Anyone have any good tips on how to get him to open his mouth for me?! Feedings are taking like 40 minutes, and he's only eating a little bit (like half a tub of stage 1s, plus some kind of cereal). HELP! Thanks :)


DDT - January 28

The horrible news is that it could very well get worse before it gets better. My ds has also been eating solids since 4.5 months and by the time he was 8-9 months old feeding became a pain. Now at 11.5 months its almost impossible some days. They become more willful and dependent. The tricks I use is to sing to him...the distraction gets him focused again and he starts opening his mouth, I also give him hiw own spoon and set the bowl on the high chair so that he can "spoon" the food at will. I also give him his sippy cup which he loves and then get a mouthful in between sips. All these things only work sometimes and sometimes for only short periods, while other times it doesn't work at all. When nothing seems to be working I usually call it an end. If he was truly hungry he would be eating I suppose. If he missed a meal or didn't eat much I offer him a snack 1-2 hrs later.


Gretta - January 28

Jersey - you might want to try some musy finger foods and let him feed himself - mashed sweet potatoe is a good one to try or tofu...cheerios...


MNMOM - January 28

I'd bet he is bored. He should be able to handle stage 2 and maybe 3. New tastes and textures will get him interested again. Also try some finger foods.


JerseyGirl - January 28

It wouldn't surprise me if he was bored. I truly think he's waiting for a rack of ribs, or a t-bone steak, to be honest. I am not opposed to finger foods, but he has no teeth yet :) Would Cheerios be OK? What about those Gerber Graduate "puffs"?


mjvdec01 - January 28

I would sing to my daughter during mealtime and it made it alot easier to get her to eat a reasonable amount.


yogi - January 28

yes i think he is bord to have you tried to see if he likes to feed himself.and also you can make thik soup with diffrent vegtables.let us know how it goes


mamatom - February 2

when my son doesn't want to eat i hold him... sometimes he gets distracted in the high chair, but when I hold him, sometimes he'll cry, which will open his mouth.. a few times of that and he will cry and open his mouth for every spoonful.. Kinda funny and hard to watch, but he ends up eating whatever I give him.. Now he loves eating at 11 months and I give him whatever we are having. I just mush it up and he eats it..



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