Feeding Solids When Amp How

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Atira36 - October 4

I was just curious when & how moms went about introducing solids to their babies. My son will be 6 months at the end of the month & has been very interested in what we are eating/drinking for the past month. I tried rice cereal for the first time a few weeks ago over the course of a few days. He was really excited about it, but none seemed to make it to his belly! He seemed to just play with it & stick his tongue out alot. I figured he wasn't really ready to eat yet. I tried again tonight & he was eager to eat but again, didn't take too much down. Should we keep trying or wait a few more weeks. Also- can you try other things this early besides rice cereal? He also loves to try to drink water out of a sippy cup- so cute! Thanks!


nounou159 - October 4

Hi Atira36,my daughter is 6month and half now actually i start solid food with her when she is 4 month and that is her doc tolled me,i start with rice cereal for 2 weeks then start vegetables(the yellow one first)like carrots,sweet potato,squash..i start with 2 or 3 spoon and left 2 days before i tried new thing to know if she is allergic from something or not,step by step until i tried every thing with her vegetables and fruits then i mix 2 kinds together like peas and carrots,now she eats 3 times a day but she is a little bit under weight and her doc tolled me that she must eat 6 times a day,and also she stars oatmeal from she is 6 month,and all her food is home made.....good luck and enjoy it they really very cute when they start to eat


kimberly - October 4

I introduce solids at 4 months. I always started with rice cereal, mixed thin just in the mornings. Then you cans slowly start giving fruits and veggies. By 6 months my babies were eating cereal mixed with bananas or some kind of fruit, a veggie in the afternoon and then some cereal and fruit in the evening. They do still need lots of milk though. Sometimes it takes a while for them to learn how to swallow properly but you should keep trying it. Introduce fruits and vegies slowly to make sure thier is not an allergy to one, this way you can figure out which one he has an allergy to if it does happen.


DDT - October 4

I started my lo on rice cereal at 4.5 months 1x a day. He didn't eat much the first 3 weeks. Then I changed to oat cereal with 1tbsp fruit mixed in and he gobbled that up. I've noticed that a lot of babies tend to prefer the oat cereal over the rice. I think the rice is very bland tasting (but then what experience do they have?? lol) Anyways, I started fruit & veggies at 5.5 months 2x a day. Then at 6.5 months I started meals 3x a day. Now at 7.5 months he eats all sorts of fruits, veggies, meat, beans, tofu & yogurt. I would say change to oat and see if your lo prefers that. You can change to a veggie or fruit at this age to.


DB - October 4

I would keep offering it only because I think it does take a few weeks for them to actually figure out what to do with it...Solids are confusing. We did cereal 1x per day for the first few weeks, then cereal 2x per day after that (not big amounts either, a couple tablespoons)...then when we added veggies, we did it at one meal, so she had "breakfast" with just cereal and "dinner" with cereal and 1/2 veggie. You really just increase after that...then add a 3rd meal soon after. I agree with DDT-we don't even offer rice cereal anymore, but oatmeal is great..dd loves it! At 8 months my dd has had lots of veggies, fruits and chicken...by 6.5-7 months we started adding a bit more texture and mixing combinations (like apples and sweet potatoe are good together).



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