Feeding Time Amp Diaper Changes Are A PAIN

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JerseyGirl - December 1

My DS is almost 6 months old, and for the past couple of weeks, feeding him and changing his diaper have become VERY difficult (and annoying) for me. With the feedings, he hits the bottle, pushes it away, pulls it out of his mouth/puts it back in and anything else to get it away from him... but then cries and/or pulls it back to him to eat again. The only bottle he (knock on wood) never does this with is his last one of the night. It's getting very frustrating for me. I change positions, put him in the Papasan, etc., but he still fights/plays. As for diaper changing, he's very much a "little guy on the go" and doesn't stay still on the changing table. Almost as soon as I put him on there, he rolls over! It makes me laugh, but again, it's very frustrating. Changing him on the floor doesn't help. Neither is my DH b/c he's hardly ever here. Any suggestions for one or both problems would be greatly appreciated!


kristine - December 1

Oh yes, my little guy is almost 7 months old now and diaper changes have become a wrestling match. He rolls right over and then wants to crawl on the changing table!! I agree, it is funny but very frustrating!! I have a toy that I always keep on the changing table. It is a little soft triangle with a frog on it and when you squeeze it it makes a ribbit sound. Sometimes this helps...but not always.


DDT - December 1

Haha sorry its only going to get WORSE. My ds is 9 months old and every changing is a wrestling match that usually starts and ends with him in tears. I basically have to pin his legs down to get the diaper on. I would suggest trying to distract your lo with a toy but I know from personal experience that it doesn't usually engage their attention for long. As for feedings...around the same age my lo used to fight against bottle feedings because he had other more important things to do and see. I used to feed him in the living room but now I go into his room, close the blinds, switch off the lights and feed him in the chair. If we are out and about and its time for a bottle feeding he it will take him 2x as long to finish half of what he usually drinks. I can't force it. Good luck!


c_baer19 - December 1

Oh my gosh Jo, tell me about it! Alana is only 4 months, and it's already a pain to change her diaper. Never had a problem with it before, but now she won't stay still and it's impossible to get her diaper on. I found that leaning over her and talking her to get her attention helps because she won't try to roll over if she's paying attention to me above her. With the bottle thing, I BF as you know, but she has ALWAYS done that with the bottle. It's such a pain.. I wish I had some solutions too!


JerseyGirl - December 2

Glad to see I'm not the only one, though I didn't think I was. I'll try giving him a toy to hold while I do the diaper thing, and hopefully he'll grow out of the feeding thing. DDT: Actually, I found that feeding my DS while we're out of the house goes much more smoothly! My SIL and I were at the mall yesterday and I had to feed DS his rice and then bottle... he ate faster and better than he does at home! Maybe there were things to distract him; it wasn't as boring as being at home.


wailing - December 3

Great to know I'm not the only one!!! My ds is 5.5 months and just now feedings are a pain too. He acts like he's hungary but when he starts to nurse or we give a bottle he sucks for 2 secs then turns his head. Then screams, latches on again, and off again. It goes on forever!!!. I was actually scared that he maynot be getting enough food at this point. Esp nursing since he barely stays on b4 he starts talking, playing, laughing, screaming, playing w/ my hair.... I guess it's the age and curiosity wins!!



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