Feel Horrible About Quitting Breastfeeding Please Answer

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Jen - November 16

Well I am giving up on br___tfeeding at 2 weeks but I feel like I am doing the worst thing EVER. I just can't deal with the demands of a 9 1/2 lb baby wanting to feed every 1 - 1 1/2 hours. I am about to lose it. Why do I feel like I am doing something soo horrible? I am so depressed about my choice although I have made up my mind. I feel like such a failure. Please give me some advice. thanks.


Shelly - November 16

Eventhough b___stfeeding is the best the formulas nowadys are great.There is plenty if mothers outthere that went to formula feeding rightaway at that does not make them bad mothers at all.Yopu tried it and if you can't continue doing it just quit. It's better for your child to have a happy mother than being exhausted,angry,sad or deprressed.So don't woory,go to formula and enjoy you baby.!!!!


Heidi - November 16

Have you considered pumping instead so you can get some relief of feeding all the time? I started pumping at 2 wks and it worked great. They stop eating that often too. Emma was eating all the time the first few weeks and at about 4 wks it was every 3-4 hours.


Dani - November 16

Don't make yourself feel guilty. Breastfeeding is great but I certainly don't think its the end of the world if you don't. The first few weeks are horrible though but trust me it does get better. My 4 month old sounded just like your every hour or so would eat, I would cry at night time I was so wore out. Now he is doing great, every 3 hours and sleeping at least 7 hours at night. It really does get better.


Lissi - November 16

I found b___st feeding unbelievably hard in those first few weeks. I nearly gave up too, as I was in tears all the time because I was so tired and sore. I felt like a prisoner, because my baby wanted to feed so often that some days I hardly even got out of bed! It really is depressing at first, and I understand completely what you're going through. It does get easier, but at 8 weeks, I'm still thinking of giving up. I feel guilty too though, so I haven't made my mind up. Don't feel bad if you can't stand it anymore. It really is better for baby that you are happy.


Lisa, Anna's mom - November 16

Hello, I never post here but my husband does as BBK. I teach a b___stfeeding cla__s at a local womens clinic. All I can say is if you can hold on a little longer it gets MUCH easier after about the 10 to 12 week timeframe. If you can't it's OK too, you're not a failure at all. Bottle feeding is fine. Good luck either way.


Sonya - November 16

Jen, please don't beat yourself up over this. I have been there. I wasn't able to b___stfeed my first son so I was determined to b___stfeed my second son. I only lasted four days. By the time we got home from the hospital my nipples were bleeding and it hurt so bad that I wanted to through my sweet adorable son through the window. I decided right then and there that having those feelsings towards my son wasn't worth the benefits of b___stfeeding. I also felt that I shouldn't be crying in pain when I b___stfed. I had three lactation consultants at the hospital a__sist me and it still just didn't feel right. It was soooooo painful. Looking back I feel pretty good about my decision, but it still makes me sad that I quit. I hate washing bottles and paying for formula.


twist - November 16

I know how you feel, I am about ready to quit, as my son wasn't gaining weight and I have been having to give him formula after feeds to top him up. Now he fusses at the b___st as he knows a bottle is coming and it's much easier to suck from. I feel like I am failing him because I haven't been able to make enough milk, and every time I look for information on the net for help, all I find are tons of sites telling me what a bad Mother I will be if I give up, one even said something about b___stfeeding being better for society, go figure! Don't feel bad, a lot of babies go straight to formula from birth and it hasn't hurt them. Your baby at least got the goodness of your colostrum. Now you can get more sleep and your baby probably will too, and I'm sure both of you will be a lot more relaxed, which is the most important thing. Too much emphasis is placed on b___stfeeding. It is a wonderful thing, but it's nowhere near as easy as people would have you believe. Don't be down on yourself, you are doing what is best for you and baby.


belle - November 16

My mom tried to b___stfeed with both of us kids, but I was 10lb 9oz, & my little brother was 9lb 10oz and her body just couldn't produce enough to feed us. We would nurse for half & hour, then gulp down 4oz of formula. Don't beat yourself up! You tried your best!


Jen - November 16

Thanks for the support from everyone. I am drying up as of today and even though I am in so much pain, I feel so much happier and relaxed. I still have some b___stmilk in the freezer so I am gradualy introducing him to the formula. He is sleeping so well !!!!! :o) Again thanks for all of the support I don't feel so alone.


Jamie - November 17

It's your choice how you feed your child...but it's so sad to see you giving up when you're on the cusp of when it gets easier. Most babies slow down their demands at 3 weeks...and by the time you hit 3 months, you (and they) can do it in your sleep. But...it is your choice.


Jamie - November 17

oh, yeah- you are NOT a bad mother for formula-feeding, and you're not robbing your baby of anything. I just re-read my prior post, and realized that it could be perceived as critical of you, and it's not meant to be.


Steph - November 17

Jen, dont feel guilty about it. I did the same thing at two weeks I gave my little one a bottle of formula and the b___st. I carried on till she was 5 weeks then I gave up altogether. She is on bottles now all the time but my advice to you is not to stop completely at first just wean your baby over the next few weeks it makes things easier for you. Just remember your baby has had alot of the best bits already and its better for them to have a happy mother than one thats too tired to look after them.


Kerry - November 17

Hey Jen don't be so hard on yourself some people just can't do it and I was one of them my girl is 7 1/2 months now and she is doing GREAT with formula as Shelly said it's better your a happy mom .


Julie - November 17

Don't beat yourself up Breastfeeding b__ws for some people. I can understand where you are coming from. Just remember when you go to a playground and you see all the kids running around you can't point out the formula fed kids from the b___stfed kids. My kids are formula fed and all healthy.



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