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d - November 17

I'm home all day cleaning, taking care of the baby etc.... By the time husband comes home from work, I want to get out and go somewhere(visit, mall) but he wants to relax because he's tired from work. This weekend he left for hunting since Thursday and I'm home alone. How would he like me leaving the baby with him for a couple of days at home alone and do things alone. I'm depressed.


Kerry - November 17

I hear you it happens to me al the time he hunts alot rabbit deer moose he starts deer hunting in dec. I get overwhelmed sometimes not because of the baby but you start to lose your ident_ty a little he still does everything and I have to be the responsible one . Sometimes it just nice to be able to have a change in scenery hang in there your not alone.


Barb - November 17

me too...my husband works 6 days a week and he's really never home. He leaves at 6:00in the morning and comes home around 11:00 at night, sometimes later....so I'm alone raising all 3 kids by myself all week long..it's very frustrating at times and I want to cry. I think the crying is the hormones all crazy yet...but it seems unfair that I have to do it all by myself....so you're not alone , I feel your pain...hang in there


Heidi - November 17

I hear ya. My boyfriend is working two jobs right now and is never home. He's gone at 6:30 a.m. and doesn't come home till midnight on the weekends sometimes cus of his other job. I have to remind myself he's doing it for us though and I agreed to it also. When I get cabin fever I call my mom and we go over there or we all go shopping. I've been to Walmart and Target I don't know how many times with my 5 wk old! She just sleeps the whole time. Find someone to go out with you and the baby even if it's just to the super market or someone's house. It does wonders for ya!


d - November 18

Thanks everyone for understanding me. I miss the days when we used to do more things together. I miss him too. Even though I don't hunt, I wish I went with him and stayed at the cabin. But its hard to bring the baby all the way there. Its too far. Going out to the mall is a good idea. I'm sure he's thinking how much will I be spending. Why not? He spends for his hunting gear and fishing supplies.


Jbear - November 18

I know just how you feel. My husband works two jobs and we only have one car, so I'm stuck at home all the time with our two kids. Sometimes I don't even leave the house for three or four days at a time. This isn't a city where you can get around without a car, and the only places close enough to walk to are Target and the library (which I love but it is closed for remodeling). Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe because I can't go anywhere. Everyone talks about how great it is to stay home with their kids, but sometimes I would sell my soul to go back to work! It's funny, yesterday my husband stayed home from work to take me to the dentist. About an hour after we got back, he asked what was the matter with our 3 year old, because she kept whining and bothering him every five minutes to dress a doll or find a toy...that is what she does all day, every day...and he wonders why I want to go back to work.


Kim - November 18

Hello, I can't say I know how you feel cause I'm only expecting my first right now, and am not yet looking down the barrel of that gun. But I can tell you that my sis has a hubby with a very time-consuming job, and it helps for her to have a group with other mothers who stay at home. They might once a week for coffee, to pray for each other (they're a christian group) and often times meet outside of normal group time to hang out. She said it is so helpful in feeling like she still has a life outside the house, though she does miss her hubby when he's gone! Community is so important - I hope you'll be able to find some friends to do it with!


Julie - November 18

Oh hunting!!!! I feel for you. My husband works all the time and wants to hunt weekends too. Which leaves me home 7 days a week with no break!!! He complains he never gets to do anything. He should try this job for a week. He'd quit after a day!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Do you have family who can get you out of the house? I know you want to do things with hubby, but I find that when I was overwhelmed being alone with a crabby baby all day, that just running to a store, the mall, out to lunch with family, or just having someone come over for company helped me so much. I work now, so I get my break and wish I was with my son all the time, but it is hard to be cooped up with no relief in sight. I am lucky I have great family support, and everyone wants their turn with my son. Maybe once a month, someone can baby sit and both of you can go out to dinner alone. Hope it gets better!


d - November 19

I went out shopping and ate out with a friend which her husband also went hunting with my husband. It was nice to go out. We were thinking, ..............how about if we went on a trip and left the babies with our husbands and see how they would like it.......


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

That would certainly open the men's eyes, wouldn't it? I might feel sorry for my baby leaving him with his dad for that long!! LOL!!!



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