Feeling Guilty About CIO

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JEN - June 1

OK, today was the first day I let my ds CIO. The first time was his morning nap and he cried/fussed for about an hour then slept for 2 hours. For his afternoon nap he cried for only like 15 minutes and slept for an hour and 20 minutes. Finally,I put him in his bed for the night and he cried for about 30 minutes and went to sleep. I just feel soooooo guilty when I go in his room and look at him sleeping so peacefully. Please tell me this feeling will go away... : (


Bonnie - June 1

It does. I felt so guilty too...yet Mason always gives me big ole smiles every morning. :)


SonyaM - June 1

I think those results are amazing. Good for you and your son. I think teaching our children to sleep on their own is SOOO important. My oldest son didn't master it until he was about three and half and man it sucked for my husband and I. My second son is awesome going to sleep on his own, each baby is so different. The guilt should go away, if not it's not the right method for you and your baby. Good luck.


kimberley - June 2

It will ease......Your DS will stop fussing and crying and then you will feel a lot better. Also look at it that he NEEDS the sleep, and it is for his health. It is extremly hard I know, but it is worth it for parents and babies sake :)


J - June 2

Maybe if you feel guilty it isn't best for you to do it. Maybe I am biased because I don't believe it is good for babies to be left alone to cry but I understand that others think its ok. If you feel guilty maybe you should think about listening to that feeling and trying another way, there are other ways to approach sleep that won't make you or your baby feel so bad.


Bonnie - June 2

On the flip side...I also felt guilty. But now I am very glad I did it. Especially since Mason has always woke up with a big smile happy to see me. It tells me that it is not HIM with the problem, it was ME. lol To me, the reward has been him getting a good night sleep and his mood is MUCH improved. I feel that what I am doing is what is best for my son...even though he may not always like to go to sleep. Sometimes we have to do what is right. (Not that there anything wrong with attachment parenting either. We all do what is best for our children. ;) )


JEN - June 2

well, here is my update...Tristan slept from 8pm to 8am last night waking up only twice. Both times I went in and gave him his binky and patted his back for a few seconds and left and he went right back to sleep. I just put him down for his morning nap and he did not even cry at all. I rocked him until he got that "glazed" look in his eyes and then I just laid him in his bed. He looked around for about 10 seconds and then just closed his eyes...I guess we'll see what happens! BTW, he was so happy this morning : )



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