Feeling Guilty About Weaning

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wv_red - May 6

Hey ladies, my dd is going to turn 1 on the 31st of this month. I have just now started the weaning process with her by actually replacing her night time nursing session with a sippy of whole milk, Pedi approved this. The thing is, I feel guilty! She slept through the night as to usually she would wake up. I guess I am the one missing it more then her. Is this normal??? I have br___tfed the whole time, she has never been given formula so it has always been me feeding her. Also how bad does the hormone thing get that I have heard stories about? Thanks Ladies. I appreciate your input!


Kimmer23 - May 7

My son is only 4.5 months old, so I'm not weaning him quite yet, but as I've gone back to work and gotten busy, he's been getting more and more formula. And, I feel guilty for that, so I can only imagine what you are going through with giving up b___stfeeding an EBF baby. I think it's totally normal to miss that closeness and cuddling time. Hang in there and take it slow. :)


stefkay - May 7

wv, my daughter is 10 months tomorrow and I've exclusively b___stfed her too with an occasional bottle of b___stmilk. I started mixing formula with her bottles a week or so ago (about 3 oz bm to 2 oz formula) and she doesn't seem to notice a difference. I haven't actually started weaning yet but am planning to start this month or when she hits 11 months old. I am trying to get a small reserve of frozen bm stockpiled so I can make bottles with 2 oz bm and 2 oz formula. I am going to miss it a lot. There are times I want my freedom and then I will miss her cuddling with me :(


Sprinkles - May 7

I totally feel guilty about it too - I can't say I am consciencly weaning her but she doesn't nurse unless I initiate it so I cut out one of the mid morning and One of the afternoons so she has 4 a day then 1 or 2 at night but the night will be hardest for me so I am saving that for last .. I love our alone time and I think it is SO cute the way she crawls over to me and just nurses all by herself cause she is 11 months now so I am going to miss it more then her I am sure haha What Hormone thing are you referring to?


Sprinkles - May 7



amanda17 - May 7

It's totally normal and I think it may have something to do with the hormones a little bit :) Look on the bright side though, you b___stfed your lo for a full year!! You did it!! You should be congratulating yourself! You took on the responsibility of being the only one to fed her, the one to get up in the middle of the night and nurse her back to sleep, the one who sat awkwardly in a hot car to nurse, the one who suffered through the b___st tenderness and the sore nips... for a full year! You go girl!


fefer1 - May 8

It is hard to wean - I remember feeling weird after I was done with my dd at a year. I don't remember my hormones going too crazy - partly I think because you already gradually wean them as it is. They aren't feeding as often at a year. It will pa__s though - pretty soon you'll forget about it as they will keep you busy in so many other areas. You'll be busy watching them learn and grow and explore new things. A year is a good thing and hard to do - I know, I'm about done with my second (child) and he's our last. While I can't wait to be done and have some freedom again, it's kind of sad thinking that special bonding time will be over - but then I have to remember we will have lots more "DIFFERENT" bonding experiences. LOL HOT CARS!! I can't tell you how many times I've done that - or in a bathroom or dressing room stall :)


wv_red - May 8

Thanks ladies:) She is down to her morning feedings only now but I think I am mainly doing that just for me. She doesn't seem interested. I have been rather emotional the past couple of days because I know we wont have that time alone. Like you fefer I look forward to freedom again. I wont know how to act having my body back. Lol hot car, busy mall, park. The places and people I have flashed, legally. There has been alot! I know my mil got a free show!! hahaha. Its hard to believe the year has flown by!!!!



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