Feeling The Blues

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desiree - October 21

Hey everyone, lately I've been blue. It is so stupid, too because my son is wonderful and everything is great otherwise (hubby and I have not been getting along the best, but we are getting better) I hate feeling sad. Does anyone else have a shit day once in a while?


tiffani~11 days to go!! - October 21

Tell you what you should do.... go to the store, get some Edy's double Fudge Brownie ice cream and some Oreo cookies. Put several scoops of ice cream in a bowl, and top it with crushed Oreos. You'll forget all about those blues. I just finished a bowl and it worked for me. Hang in there, we all have shi**y days, and you're especially vulnerable since you've recently given birth. :o)


leslie - October 22

oh I know what you are talking about..and I HATE IT!! I hate feeling depresse.. I get mad at myself b/c everything is so wonderful and I feel and cry like if something terrible is going on..I just hate it..the feeling is horrible...I have also noticed that I always feel depressed around the same time..at about 7 or 8 pm and it goes on for a couple of hours some days is longer.. Hopefully it will go away soon and we will feel better and enjoy our babies 24/7


Lissi - October 22

Oh yes! I've had at least a couple of days, since my daughter's birth, when I've felt like just running away. There has been lots of friction between hubby and me lately, but it's understandable. We're both soooo tired! My hormones still fluctuate from time to time and I find myself crying for no reason. My daughter is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, and I love her so much, but sometimes I feel like I just want things to be like they were before she was here, for a day or two. I miss s_x, but I'm too tired and feel too fat and ugly to initiate it. None of my clothes fit me and even the ones I wear are usually covered in vomit or milk stains! I often feel like I'm a terrible mother, and Nadya would be better off if I had her adopted. I miss being completely selfish, like being able to spend ages on my hair, watching a movie all the way through, or going out to dinner and a movie, and of course a good night's sleep, but when my baby smiles at me, all these thoughts start to melt away. :) That icecream and cookie thing sounds like a good depression cure though!


Eryn - October 22

I totally understand. I feel like just a waste sitting at home doing what feels like nothing. I miss working and the satisfaction of a long day at work. I miss putting on make up and doing my hair and feeling good about the way I look. Now I feel like a slob! And I miss going out on the weekends. I just can't wait till my little one can start reacting to me and I can play with her. Oh well, it will be worth it!


desiree - October 22

Thanks guys. I miss just me, too. But my son sure is wonderful!! I thought I'd better share that I just ate a big yummy wad of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough. MMMMMM!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 22

OK this was me the first 3 weeks of Amaya's life. I would be sad because the time was going by so fast. It really had nothing to do with mb not liking her or me and dh fighting or anything. It did make us a little more distant than usual. My daughter was the best, she never cried, she was BEAUTIFUL (and still is) For me there really was no cure. It did end though, me and her daddy were talking one night and he was talking about how he would kill someone if they ever hurt her blah blah blah and it came up that someday she would be going to prom and college and getting married, etc. I had a huge meltdown and just had to cry myself to sleep that night. The next day it was like it was all gone. I just had to accept that she was a child who was growing. Good luck and remember that most of us have been there and you can come here anytime!


mandee - October 23

yes! and i think me and my hubby got along better before the baby, but maybe cause it's just such an adjustment, being new parents and all. i hope our relationship will get back to the same strength it was. the s_x life is coming back, but that is definately not everything. we don't talk as much as we used to, and we certainly can't do as much, especially now that the cold weather has hit us, and we have the baby. ( iam a big time summer girl, and winter totally depresses me). iam having a sh_t day today, and honestly i cannot figure out all the reasons why. it's weird! i wish ice cream would solve my blues, but to me, putting on extra weight, would just give me another problem to think about. i think i need more rest, and definately more hugs. perhaps a shopping trip might help to, but right now..it's not in the budget. that is how i used to chase the blues away. i guess we still got some hormones running around in our bodies as well, from having the baby. i just wish they'd hit the road, and i could rewind to summer time again. ((big cyber hugs to you and all like us))



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