Feeling Very Emotional Being Pregnant With 2nd

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waiting100 - March 6

I currently have an 11 month old boy. He is the love of my life. I am currently pregnant and due in November - this will make them 19 months apart. I am saddened tonight thinking that my first will no longer be my baby--what is he going to think of a baby in the house - when he is my baby? This pregnancy was not planned, I feel like maybe it would have been better to have a 2nd baby later so my and dh can enjoy our baby - now I feel with a 2nd one I am going to be so stressed out and have no quality time with either one of them - I am SOOO emotional with this pregnancy - I feel like I am losing my 1st baby - that we will lose our special mother/son bond that we have together - can anyone that has more than 1 and have children that are very close in age give me some feedback on this. Typing this is making me cry - I just need to know that everything is going to be ok.


CyndiG - March 6

Mine aren't close together. Carlie is 7 1/2 months and Morgan is 8, BUT, I can relate to how you feel. Because Morgan was my only baby for so long it was hard for me to believe that I could even love another kid like I love her. But I do. It will be ok. You have two arms, and plenty of kisses! The love you have for you ds won't divide, it will only multiply when baby #2 comes! Don't be sad. It's going to be twice the fun! Imagine two little ones giggling at the same time! It'll be good!


BriannasMummy - March 6

I can totally relate to how you feel. My little girls arent very close in age Ka__si is 3 months and Brianna is 4.5 but I know that when I was pregnant I wondered how I was going to be able to do it. It made me literally, bawl my face off to think that Brianna would ever feel left out.. or to think that Brianna wouldnt be the center of my world anymore. I wondered how I could ever possibly love someone else as much as I love her. Honestly, having another makes things that much better. You get to have 2 little babies to love and to hold and to cuddle with. Youll find time for the both of them. Your life can only get better with two little babies to nurture and to teach. Its hard to imagine right now because the new baby isnt here yet.. but as time goes on the thought will get easier. I think thats why God gives us 9 months to have a baby.. so we can get prepared for what is going to happen. I think every thought and feeling that youre going through right now is perfectly natural and I PROMISE you that everything will be okay!!! Congratulations on your new little miracle! ~Kristin~


Rabbits07 - March 7

My first two were 17 months apart and then I had my third when the oldest was 3. Trust me...you will have plenty of love to go around. I liked having them really close together as they were all very close and played well together. I don't think it ever crosses the older child's mind that "mom went and had a second child and didn't spend enough time with me". You won't lose that bond either, you will just be blessed enough to share it with two children instead of one! ;-)


Emily - March 7

THe ladies are right. I felt the same way when I ended up pregnant when my dd was only 11 mos old (Damn bc anyways, aparently it didn't work for me.) My girls play so well together although Marcy doesn't do a whole lot yet. Mary is so very protective of her. She isn't too jelous. Everyonce in a while she will say, Marcy fine, or put Marce down, or no you supose to hold me.....but she is the first to tell someone who asks to take MArcy home as a joke that no that is my baby sister. She shares well with her although sometime she thinks sharing means takeing something that Marcy had that she wanted. You will def have enough love to go around. Pluss you will get twice the love in return. It will be hard and it will be tiring but it will be worth it!


k.p.j.e. - March 7

Thanks Rabbits I need to hear that too! My two will also be 17 months apart. I'm due in 6 weeks and I totally feel the same way you all did. Everyone says it all works out but it's hard to believe. You feel guilty taking away time from your 1st baby, and you feel guilty that your 2nd baby won't ever get time just with you like the 1st one did. It is very emotional it's true!



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