Feminine Health Issues After Delivery

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Astra - May 11

Hey ladies, I'm sorry if this is TMI but my baby is almost seven weeks and for the last few weeks I've been having a persistent yeast infection. I tried something over the counter which seemed to help but the symptoms came back. Then my doc prescribed something which has not helped yet. I've had yeast infections in the past but they usually were cleared very quickly so I'm very frustrated. Has anyone else had this experience after having a baby. Also I'm wondering if it is something other than a yeast infection casued by the delivery. If you had something like this let me know how you got rid of it...THANKS


MNMOM - May 12

Be persistant with your doctor, call and go back and ask for more tests and more alternative solutions, it might not be a yeast infectin, you might have a bacterial infection or a combination of both.


lissica - May 12

I don't know if this is what you are experiencing but after my son was born i thought i had a yeast infection cus of a bad smell "down there". It sucked so i called my doc and told him i thought it was a yeast infection and he said he highly doubted it cus giving birth wasn't a cause for one. He said it was just hormones from giving birth and sometimes women get those symtoms for a little while. He was right cus it went away several days later from what i remember.


margie - May 13

hormonal changes can cause itching and yeast infections or yeast infection symptoms down there...if they wont go away you may want to get it checked though just to be sure!


kimberly - May 14

Are you still bleeding? It can change your Ph down there and cause a yeast infection. I never had a yeast infection until I got pregnant with my second and I had several while pregnant so once I had him I though the problem would go away but I got several for about a year after he was born he is turning 5 this month and I haven't had one in atleast 4 years. So yes I think it can cause you to have them more or for them to be more stubborn to go away. I would try to get your Dr. to prescribe something different maybe the pill form of treatment it worked best for me.


Astra - May 14

Thanx ladies. I have an appointment for Friday. hopefully we'll figure it out then.



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