Fever Advice Needed Please Respond

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Jenn... - August 28

My baby boy is 12 weeks old. Two nights ago his temp was 99.1 but did not last. Today he felt a little warm so I took his temp again. Using a rectal thermometer on two separate occasions it was 99.5. Is this something I need to contact a doctor about. He has been a little cranky, but not too much. No coughing, runny nose, ect.


Narcissus - August 28

rectal is always 1 degree higher than what the oral equivalent would be. if you took an oral from him, it would read 98.5. 99.5 is a normal body temp for your baby, if taken with a rectal. I have a book in front of me that I got this info from, so it is not my opinion. let me know if you have more questions. you only need to give tylenol if a rectal reads 100.4 or higher.


Narcissus - August 28

Also, I just read online that the normal rectal temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, for a child under five years old.


Jenn.. - August 28

Thanks Narcissus. I have been looking around online a bit too. I found that normal rectal temp is between 97.6 and 100. I should call his doctor if it gets to 101 or higher. For now, I won't worry, but will continue to check until it goes down a little more.


wenling - August 30

i brought my baby once in desoeration to a &e. he was crying and screaming non stop like he was in great pain. the nurses took his temp fromhis armpits. so that's how i do it at home.. So how does it compare with say under tongue one? what's the normal range?


Jamie - August 30

For under arm temps, you need to add two degrees. BUT it's not an accurate temperature


Narcissus - August 30

wenling, Jamie is correct. The armpit measure for temp is unreliable. Your baby could have a fever and you may not know it, or you may think he has a fever when he does not. Rectal is the best, and there is a new device that you swipe across the temples, which is also very accurate.


wenling - August 31

really? then i'm surprised hospitals use this method if it's unreliable.. so disappointed.. ok.. so where do i get that swipe thermometer? and is a rectal thermometer different from the normal under tongue one? thanks ladies


Narcissus - August 31

wenling, most hospitals no longer use that method. My ped told us it was unreliable. The temple thermometer can be bought on the internet (google; "temple thermometer). Also, a rectal is a basic mercury thermometer, that you buy at babies r us, or any drug store. Some even say "rectal thermometer" but it is any mercury therm. You are not supposed to place a mercury thermometer in your mouth (anymore) so all of them have been label "rectal".


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 31

We use the under the arm method. They said the reason it was unreliable is because people do not know how to take it properly. The hospital showed us before we left. Since we have been home Amaya has not had a temp but when we do take her temp we take it under the arm. We also have one of the pacifier thermometers. They are very accurate. I recommend those! It only takes like 10 seconds.


Narcissus - August 31

The only thing I can say is to compare the temp you get from the method you use, to the temp you get from a rectal. Only then will you know if it is accurate. I made a mistake, we use a digital rectal, not a mercury...I don't know what I was thinking when I said that.



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