Fever For Almost 3 Days

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San - March 5

I took my 27 mth old daughter to the ER Fri night with a temp of 38.7 (was 39.5 by the time I got there). They said she had an upper respiratory infection & ear infection and was given some antibiotics. Since then her fever has only broke once and I've been treating it, when high enough (I was told not to treat it if it was lower than 38.1) with Tylenol and tepid baths. An hour ago I took her temp again and it was 39.6 which is the highest it's been. If by midnight, which will be 72 hrs since the fever has started, should I take her back to the ER? I know in children 2 & over 72 hrs is the limit but I don't know if I should take her then or wait to get her tothe docs tomorrow? Thanks in advance for any advice, it's been a loooooong sleepless 3 days.


San - March 5

Also, she isn't dehydrated. She's been drinking milk & watered down juice with enough wet diapers the whole weekend.


ash2 - March 5

Hmm, you know your child better than anyone...if she keeps a temp up i would definantly take her back into the doc.


Smilefull - March 5

Hey San--ah man it's horrible when they're sick. I would think go---all they can do is send you home, and tell you it'll be okay, which won't be so bad. The rea__surance will help. Again, I'm so sorry to hear your dd is sick...argh.


snugglybugglys - March 5

Have you tried alternating tylenol with motrin...every 4 hours. My kids got croup last month, and one of them had a horrible fever...that I could not keep down. I called the dr. and they said to alternate...and that is finally what got his temp down. Good luck.


San - March 5

HI all. Thanks for your replies. Yes, it does suck when they get sick. She just started daycare 2 weeks ago so I'm a__suming that's where she picked it up. Snugglybugglys I took your suggestion and it seems to have worked...thank you, thank you, thank you! Other than a very minor cade of roseola she hasn't been sick so I kind of freaked with her temp being so high for so long. Thanks again for the support & advice :-)



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