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Ruby - May 11

Hello mom's...My 9 month old has eight teeth(4 on top 4 on the bottom) anyway Im not sure as far as finger foods that she is ready for?? I want to give her cherios or the puffs from gerber but I'm really scared. I'm actually scared to give her anything !! I feel lke I'm keeping her from advancing because of my fears! BY THE WAY i'M SCARED OF CHOKING. can any mom's tell me what they give their babys at this age or with this many teeth....i would LOVE the advise.Thanks


LisaB - May 11

My ds is only 6 months so I'm not speaking from personal experience but my friend started the gerber puffs, bread (small pieces) cheese, chicken, some fruit at 8 months another friend of mine her son was eating pretty much anything her could get his hands on also at eight months. Start small. Good luck am looking forward to that!!


Bonnie - May 11 has some nice info on this. I believe they can actually start very tiny mushy finger foods as soon as they can sit up. Cherios and things I think are around 8-9 months.


Ruby - May 11

my dd is 9 months so shes old enough I just still scared....I don't know why Thanks so much!


Bonnie - May 11

You're scared because you are her mommy. :) We are naturally protective. Start out with some real soft things like bananas mashed up. That will help keep your mind at ease until she adjusts.


SonyaM - May 11

My son is seven months and I gave him one of the gerber fruit puffs today and he didn't really know what to do with it. You might want to try those mesh bag deals (Munchkin brand at Target) and put some fresh fruit or something else in it. That way she can eat "finger foods' but is not at risk for choking. Good luck.


Bonnie - May 11

Great idea Sonya! I forgot about those. I can't wait till Mason gets big enough to try them. They look so cute...:P


Chelle - May 11

I used those mesh bags with my daughter. Her favorite was when I put pieces of apples in it. She loved it! She's 9 months now and only has 2 bottom teeth. I started with the gerber puffs, she really likes them. She didn't know what to do with them at first, but now she picks them up herself and puts them in her mouth. Now I also give her small pieces of bread, pasta, and tastes of whatever I'm eating. I know it's scary, just start with really small pieces. Good Luck!


JNALsMommy - May 11

My son is also 9 months old. I give him things like cereal , puff , and cut up banana. If you try the biter biscuit cookies be careful....he bit off a piece and almost choked.


Jamie - May 12

My daughter is 9 months, and only has 2 teeth, on bottom. However, she eats "finger foods" at every meal. My ped told me that if you can mash the food between your thumb and forefinger, Baby can eat it. Also, about Cheerios - I don't think it's possible to choke on Cheerios...there's a hole in the center.


Rabbits07 - May 12

I've always given mine cheerios and never had one choke. Soft fruits like bananas or cooked apple or pears cut into small bite size pieces would be appropriate, too. The puffs that Gerber makes are good also as they tend to dissolve quicker so they don't pose much of a choking hazard. From personal experience I would not use the biter biscuits or zwieback toast. I had choking encounters using them and I have read of numerous other similar incidents (so much that I really don't understand why they are still on the market). There is a great variety of foods to offer, just make sure it's not foods that require molar chewing (eg. raisins, uncooked apple or carrot chunks, etc.)


Ruby - May 14

Thanks so much for all the advice ,I got the mesh bag feeders they're great. I'm giving her lots of small fruits and veggies (soft) thanks


MichelleB - May 15

My 9 month old loves shredded cheese (as long as you are into dairy). I am worried about the same thing. I dont know what to give him. I do banana's, rice crisp things, cheese. I tried cooked apples adn pairs, but they get brown so quick, so I kinda backed off on that. I htink Iw ill try cherios soon.



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