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FF - January 12

Hi everyone! I was wondering when I can start my son on some finger foods... I saw a post sometime back about one mom making toast, cutting it into strips, and spreading baby food on it. I thought that was a cool idea! I'd also like my son to try the fruit puffs/veggie puffs. My son hasn't been alergic to anything so far, so I'm mostly concerned about choking hazzards. My son will be six months in 10 days. Thanks!


Jadyns Mommy - January 12

I only just started Jadyn on the puffs last week and she turned 8 months on Jan 10th. She is doing ok with them, sometimes cant keep it in her mouth but she mimics the chewing pretty good. I am still too paranoid to try finger foods like cheerios or something. I only did the puffs because they disolve quickly and if she were to get one lodged in her throat, I would be able to give her liquids to quickly melt it. Once I see that she has mastered the puffs, then I will slowly introduce others.


amanda.d - January 12

How about puffed wheat. They melt quick and make for good eye hand coordination too.


amanda.d - January 12

Oh and popcorn twists too.


Jamie - January 12

I give my 5 month old cheerios. She can't really pick them up yet, but she tries. LOL - she also just has fun knocking them onto the floor. I also give her zwieback toast and biter biscuits.


FF - January 12

Thanks everyone. I looked in the store to see what was available. They had the puffs, zwieback toast, and biter biscuits, but the packages all said 8-10 months. I guess I'm jumping the gun a little bit. However, everything I looked at on the internet said start at 6-7 months, so I just don't know!


C - January 12

My son started the puffs at 5 or 6 months. I just gave him one because I knew he wouldn't choke on it because they dissolve. I just wanted to see if he'd gag and he didn't. He chewed it just like he was supposed to. I waited until he could sit una__sisted because I read that somewhere.


amanda.d - January 12

Really though if you buy the puffed wheat or rice cereal that won't hurt him, they dissolve and don't have sugar or anything. Also for the popcorn twists I would wait until he has had food for a while because they are quite salty.


FF - January 12

Ok, I just had the scare of my life! I let him try a puff, he did fine. I gave him a bite of custard (he's had it before) then a minute later another puff. He gagged, choked, and I yanked him up from his high chair and pounded between his shoulder blades a couple of times. He turned a little red but then either swallowed or spit out what was stuck. I'm waiting until he's a couple of months older before I try any of those again!!! Disolves quick my foot! I nearly had a heart attack! Please be careful everyone and thanks for all the advice.


amanda.d - January 12

Really? I am so sorry for offering my advice but yes maybe you should wait, I hate that scared feeling when things like that happen. :(


FF - January 12

No, amanda.d I wasn't blaming you or your advice at all! I just think the package makes them sound so fun and harmless! But I guess that's why the age range is there... Nobody to blame but myself!


desiree - January 12

Hey,FF that was me who makes the baby food toast! Like I said before it is the best way for us to get him to eat all kinds of food. A few days ago I grated bananas into his oatmeal...yum yum!! He has figured out how to chew and he eats anything cut into chunks..bananas, cheerios, kiwi, toast, puffed wheat(sorry to hear about that incident:( sweet potatoes plain potatoes, squash. But he is almost 10 months now. Good luck, you will soon see him trying to chew his food!


Barb - January 12

maybe you could just stick to the first foods baby jars...I hate that scared feeling too when they choke...ugghh...such a horrible feeling....


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 13

I give Lucas the biter biscuits at 4 mos. I gave him a puff yesterday but he spit it out.


CEM - January 13

What are these puffs you all keep mentioning? I've tried to give my baby teething biscuits but he spits them out. He seems very interested in our food, but chokes when he gets even a tiny little bit.


Kerry - January 13

My girl is 9 months but when she was 6 months I was giving her Mum Mum cookies they have them at Walmart they do disolve very quickly and they are like a rice cookie she loved them at first I just gave her very small pieces now she's a pro I laugh because she's just like my dog when I say want a cookie I have both her and my dog at the cuboard waiting LOL


amanda.d - January 13

Oh FF I didn't think you were blaming me I just felt so bad that you had to endure that scare. :) No misunderstanding here.



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