Finger Foods At 7 Months Old

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DDT - January 8

My ds2 is 7 months old and for the last week or so has become very disinterested in solids of any kind. When he sees the spoon coming towards his face he always turns his head away or clamps his mouth shut. He just won't have it no matter what it is. We started solids at 4.5 months and up until now has just loved it. So, initially I thought it was related to teething, but then I thought it may be that he just doesn't want to be spoon-fed anymore. I have offered him some grated cheese and Cheerios and tries very hard to get in it his mouth. He is more happy with attempting this than my attempts to spoon-feed him. He loves teething cookies and will consume them within mins very easily. Munches and chews on the soft pieces without a problem. What do you think? has anyone or is anyone experiencing the same thing? should I just move onto fingerfoods now and see how he does? My experiences with ds1 were completely different...he has texture-aversion and even to this day (he's 22 months) balks at having to pick up and chew certain things. He is predominantly spoon-fed still.


amanda17 - January 8

Hi DDT-- I'm experiencing the same thing. Ellie has loved solid foods up until now. Now when I give it to her she seems very disinterested, but the moment I'm eating something she wants whatever it is. I haven't tried giving her any finger foods, so I'm sorry I couldn't be more help there. Also, do you know the effects of feeding them something they aren't ready to eat? Her genius father gave her one of those Starbucks gla__s frappuccino bottles that they sell at Costco... Apparently there was a leak in the lid and she ended up drinking the coffee! I come back from grocery shopping and she's literally shaking with excitement! I'm worried about what else that might do to her?


gabby509 - January 9

DDT, I completely understand what you're going through. King tries to literally grab the food out of my mouth and eat it, but with his baby food he could care less. I went to the diner yesterday with my friend and King was in the little booster seat and bored so I gave him the pickle off my plate and he loved chewing on it. He was having so much fun. So I think our babes may be letting us know that they are ready for finger foods. I have been meaning to get King some bite biscuits too. Are they safe for his age? The box said 10+ months when I last looked, so I didn't ge them but my mom keeps telling me that he's ready for them.



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