First Birthday Party Dilemma

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bbmax - March 14

I know most people make a big deal for their baby's first Bday. My ds's falls on a Thursday and I really don't have the energy to do a big get together. Would it be awful of me to make a cake and have balloons and gifts for him for just the 3 of us and then visit relatives afterwards over the weekend without the big party with everyone?


BriannasMummy - March 14

Hey its your experience. You do what you feel comfortable with! It wouldnt be good to go and throw this huge party.. that stresses you out.. you want to have GOOD memories of the event! Hes only a year old, he wont know the difference, and Im sure when he is 16 he isnt going to be upset that he didnt get a first birthday party! Just my thoughts! Congratulations on a soon to be one year old! ~Kristin~


Lchan - March 14

That's exactly what we are doing. Just the 3 of us on his actual b-day, and then my parents, sister and her family, and my aunt are coming over for dinner on Saturday. I have a friend with a baby just a few weeks older so we are getting the 2 babies together for a special playdate at a kids park/petting zoo. I think he'll enjoy that more than an official b-day party.


Lchan - March 14

(Opps, I hit the enter key by accident) It was so nice to be outside on a weekday! It made our fake sick-day even more fun...Of course we ended the day with a trip to the mall.


Mellissa - March 14

I would definitely suggest going that route. There is nothing worse than a house full of people when your 1 year old is fussy and needs a nap or something! Just the three of ya'll makes perfect sense.


LisaB - March 14

I think that sounds great your lo wont be overwhelmed you wont be frazzled and stressing and you can enjoy the day. To your lo its just another day


snugglybugglys - March 14

I agree...that sound perfect. I don't see the point in doing a huge b-day party for a one year old. They won't remember it anyway. People say "well they only turn 1 once" but hello...every birthday is only once. Have fun! :)


DANI - March 14

No not at all. That sounds like a fine idea. After all your spending time with your family. Planning a party can be very overwhelming. That's what I did and it's draining. GL to you in whatever you choose.


ash2 - March 14

absolutley not. Some people are just not big party throwers. Me on the other hand, we have around 50 -60 people at every birthday including kids of around 15-20. It is just something we do mainly because of our big family and my work friends have lots of kids we hand out with during the week. My brother doesnt go all out and his son ha just as much as fun : )


rl- - March 14

Hey my ds birthday was on a week day and we just had a little family party for him on the is really what you want cause to be honest they are not gonna remember it ( : so do what makes you happy!!


ssmith - March 14

My dd's 1st birthday is the end of April, and I have been facing the same dilemma. I know that a lot of people go all out for the 1st birthday, and I sort of have been putting pressure on myself to follow suit. Friends of ours are renting a banquet room for their ds, and my sister-in-law had a huge bbq in the park for her ds (my nephew). I am feeling like a bit of a bad mom in comparision. This may sound shallow, and I don't intend to be so materialistic....but DH & I don't have a lot of money, and part of me feels like if I throw a big party for DD, she will get more presents ~~ presents that DH & I can't afford to buy her. I mean, my nephew got a c___p-load of gifts, and I know that my friend's DS will also get totally spoiled. My DD deserves that too! I know that it shouldn't be all about the gifts, and it isn't really....but we all want our kids to have the best of everything, right?! I don't know what to do....unfortunately we can't even afford to throw her a party......I am sad about that.


bbmax - March 14

I'm starting to feel better about having a small family night. Maybe when we visit the grandparents over the weekend, we can get another cake and whoever is around can drop by for some cake. We really don't need more gifts. Our place is full of toys. I was thinking a party might be fun for him since he'd be getting a lot of attention but if we go visiting and he has two different cake nights I guess that will be just as nice and he'll still be getting attention over it being his birthday. Having the other stuff like drinks and food and all would be more for everyone but him anyway.



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