First Birthday Presents

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Jamie - May 7

So, I knew what I was getting my daughter for Christmas, because it coincided with developmental milestones (high chair, jumperoo, etc). But, we're rapidly approaching her first birthday, and I have no idea what to get her. DH suggested one of those plastic playhouses for the yard, but I think she would really only like that if she's walking, and while I'm pretty sure she will be walking by then, there's really no guarantee. Also, her birthday is in August, so she'd only be able to play with it for a month or so before it gets too cold. We could possibly move it into the house for the winter, but that would take some major rearranging. So I dunno. She already has an exersaucer, a jumperoo, and a mobile walker, she has a LeapPad, she has tons of little toys...she's a very active crawler, and is cruising and *trying* to stand on her own, but like I said, she's just not there yet. We've already gotten her big girl carseat, so that's not an option. Any suggestions? What is everyone else getting their kiddos? What have you given to older children?


HannahBaby - May 7

I got my daughter one of those push buggies....but august is a little late. I am getting my daughter the little tikes kitchen set (its the big plastic kitchen repleca) for christmas. The website is click on the browse products, then click on the online catalog on the left hand side, and its on page 22/23 look around the catalog, it has alot of interactive things for kids to do. I remember having one of them sets wheni was a little girl and i loved it. Good luck!! let us know what you decide on


SonyaM - May 7

Maybe one of those toy shopping carts with accessories or a play kitchen with accessories. My inlaws got my son the little playhouse for Christmas when he was 18 months old and he loved it. I would say any ride on toys that they can push with their feet would be good. Good Luck.


Rabbits07 - May 7's website has a grow with me guide that you can select your child's age and it will give you a list of (fisher price) toys that are developmentally appropriate for that age.


luvmyboys - May 7

Honestly, when our son turned 2, we had no idea what to get him so we didn't get him anything. He already had so many toys and was going to get gifts from so many other people, we didn't want to just throw money at something so he'd have a gift. At that age, they don't really care anyway. Instead he had a new pair of jeans to wear and I made him a really cute snowman cake (Feb birthday) and he didn't care at all that we didn't get him a present.


Mellissa - May 7

the shopping cart full of play food was my daughter's favorite gift at her first birthday party. if your daughter is just learning to walk around that time, it also helps with balance. rylee's 2 1/2 and still plays with it. also, musical dvd's were a hit with her. anything with music in it, she would sit and watch for hours!!! i am getting her a trampoline for her 3rd birthday (with the net gaurd, of course) and gymnastics and dance lessons... absolutely NO TOYS!! the girl already takes up two rooms in our house and we have a baby coming in july!!!


Angie in MI - May 7

Put money into a college account!


Nerdy Girl - May 7

The Fisher Price "Little People" are for ages 1-5 and are great for imaginative play. There are so many different sets (farm, house, fire station, carnival, zoo, etc) and they are all modular, so you can even tell family and friends to get her some stuff too. My duaghter really loved her Little People from ages 1 to about 3. Now she is 3 and a half and has gotten more into Barbies.


Narcissus - May 8

Out of all the gifts that my son recieved, his favorite gift by far was the $2 mylar Elmo balloon. BC of the long string, would only let him play with it if supervised.


Ginny - May 8

A big cardboard box! LOL! Seriously, that's every kids favorite.


austinsmom - May 8

hey I second the big cardboard box!!! I absolutely loved this when I was little ....I would draw pictures on the inside of the box like they were pictures on the wall....cut out windows and leave a hole so I could get my finger in a close the window ....cut out a front door and I would set in my box for hours would take up less room in the dad had a lawnmower business and when he would receive a new lawnmower shipped to him it came in an enormous box that was lined with wood and I could fit 4 little girls in the box with me and we had an all girls have wonderful imaginations and let me tell you there are few toys I remember but I do remember the differant boxes I had as playhouses!!!!!


Jamie - May 9

Thanks for all the suggestions...I have found what I want to get her, I just have to figure out how to get it shipped here, or find a store here in Germany that sells it - it's an indoor/outdoor climbing thing that has a slide and a swing, by Little Tykes.


HANNAHs Mom - May 11

Another great website to check out is We purchased the Fridge Phonics ABC thing for our 1st dd a couple years back. ($20) It's an awesome intro to the ABC's. Everytime I hold playdates at my house, all the little ones gravitate toward this learning toy. What is the name of the Little Tykes climbing thing you are dd will be 1 the end of August...that sounds like a great idea!


Jamie - May 11

It's the SwingaLONG cASTLE


Jamie - May 11

Sorry, Serenity was helping me type.



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