First Boo Boo Via The Jolly Jumper

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AnytimeLittleone - February 26

My daughter loves the jolly jumper. I swear she would jump in it all day if we let her. Today, I put her into her jumper. No more than 5 seconds later, the moulding around the door cracked, the jumper came unhinged, and Eva landed on her butt, and then fell backwards. The chain then fell on her head. Im sure this stung.. and in combination with the fear of falling... she lost it. She cried for almost an hour... I rocked her and cuddled her, and she is more than fine. She has one tiny red mark on her head from where the chain hit her. No swelling, or bruising. She is now napping after the hour of crying. I always dreaded this day... as a parent you SO look forward to the first smile.. and the first laugh... first crawl.. first steps... but inevitably, the first boo-boo will be in there somewhere too. Im just glad it wasnt something major...


Kara H. - February 26

Poor baby! Probably the most scary thing in her entire little life. I'm guessing you both are going to be done with the jumper. Maybe you can talk her into a jumparoo. You know I actually worried about that happening. I made hubby take off the trim and replace it with a thicker trim and use much longer nails to secure it. I was glad I did. There were tiny little nails holding the trim in place. Give your LO and extra hug for me too. :)


AnytimeLittleone - February 26

You'd think that the trauma would scare her off the jolly jumper, but I dont think it did. When I finally got her calmed down, I was holding her in a standing position, and she was "jumping". We'll take a few days break from the jumper... while my husband fixes the trim with super strong wood and long nails. I called him when the baby was crying.. shouted something like "ohmygodthebabyfellGOTOHOMEDEPOTgetthegoodtrim!aggggggh!" and I hung up. He called me back 20 minutes later, asking wtf I said... lol.


CyndiG - February 26

LOL! It took him 20 minutes to call back?? That's funny! Typical man huh??


piratesmermaid - February 26

That's scary. So far ours has been okay, but I'll check the trim when we get back to our house. It's a old house with the thick wood trim, but I'm gonna make sure it's secure...


LisaB - February 26

My ds loved his jumper but it wasn't very safe I had to pad everything to keep him from getting hurt. It was the only thing that would ds bowels moving for a while also hehe. Glad your lo is ok- I think for my next lo I will buy a jumperoo!


Emily - February 26

We have a john jump up and instead of using the thing that came with it to atach it to the door frame _ It looked too flinsy and we were afriad of the Molding would give. We fixed this by putting a big eye hook in the door way (into the stud) and then we put a big loop (can't for the life of me remember what they are called but like a chain link that has a piece that srews up and down so it opens up…..) loop on the jump up cord and hung it that way. They hook set will hold my dh (270lbs) so as long as the jump up spring can hold what it says it can, then we are good……The jump up is in a big open door way (about the size of two and half doorways and the only problem we have is my two year old wants to swing Marcy…….


mandee25 - February 26

I am going to order ds a jumperoo soon. My door frames aren't fit for a jolly jumper.



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