First Cold

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krnj - February 10

My 11 month old son has his first cold! It doesn't seem to be too bad, he's got a little cough & his nose is a little runny. He's playing so I guess he's not feeling that bad. He was up coughing a lot last night. My ped said to give him Pediacare. Anyone have any tips for me? Thanks!


USMC_wife - February 10

a bath with the vapor soap is good. i still use it for my 4 yo dd. The grins and giggles is what we use. good luck!


Topaz - February 10

My dd had her first cold at 11 months too. I take her to a naturopathic dr. as well as her regular pediatrician and I give her children's glycerite. It has echinacea and some other herbs in it to stimulate her immune system. She only had her cold for about five days. I also used a saline nasal spray for her to help loosen up her stuffy nose. Then we used a bubble bath made for babies with eucalyptus and mint to help clear her up. I also used a humidifier.


ash2 - February 10

Bulb suction the nose since he cant b__w his nose. Use saline. Take him in the bathroom with you and let the steam clear his nasal pa__sages. Keep a humidifier next to his bed also.


disneymommy79 - February 10

my 2 week old got a cold. I feel so bad for him. Daddy brought it home from the office or a store. I told him to be careful of germs but We are all sick. Now. Poor baby. My sons doctor said that cold meds don't help kids under five. He told me to use a humidifier, and suck out his nose and if needed use saline and watch for a fever. I have kept him very close to the humidifier and he seems to be okay, Just a bit irritable. I hope your little one feels better soon.


BaileysMummy - February 10

I use euky bearub on my sons chest when he has a cold, it works great at clearing his airways and soothes his cough. It's horrible when babies are sick, you just wish you could make them better.


krnj - February 10

Thanks everyone! Well he's asleep now but still coughing. I put the humidifier in his room and gave him Tylenol. Hope he can sleep tonight! I felt so bad he was just moaning before. I'm suppose to go somewhere tomorrow night too. Guess I'll probably have to cancel!



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