First Floor Or Second Floor

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piratesmermaid - February 6

When we get back to our house next month, it'll be time to have Gretchen sleeping in her crib in her own room. But I have a problem. Her room is currently on the first floor and ours is on the second floor. Both rooms have two windows in them. I am worried that she may not be safe on the first floor. I mean what if someone breaks in? I'm not close enough to protect her. And her windows....... But if we move her upstairs, I'm worried about the windows there because they go all the way to the floor and they're old, and if she falls against them she could fall out. The first time she slept in her room overnight, I was such a nervous wreak I didn't sleep, just laid on the couch in the living room. (Oh, BTW, this is a small house, under 1000 sqft). So should I move her room upstairs and me and hubby down, or do you think it's safer the way it is now???? Oh, I hope I made sense.


18wbabynov - February 6

i would put her upstairs and lean a baby gate in front of the window... that will ease your mind maybe? i dont know how frequent burglers are in your town, but i would personally want her upstairs... just my oppinion!


sahmof3 - February 6

I think I would try to find a way to have her upstairs as well. Is there a way to put small, sturdy "fence" within the window casing?


shelly22 - February 6

Go w/what you feel comfy with. Me and my hubby sleep on the 2nd floor and my lo on the 1st floor, but it's right at the bottom of the stairs. I live in a safe neighborhood and have 2 rottweillers, so I feel safe. I have a smoke detector at the top of the stairs and 1 right outside his door, so I don't worry about it. Do what you feel safest with, You're the one who has to sleep at night! LOL


piratesmermaid - February 6

Our town is so small they post every single 911 call in the newspaper. We were actually wanting to put up a window gate of sort in those upstairs windows anyway. Now we'll just have to repaint. ;)


SonyaM - February 6

I would put her upstairs and secure the windows. I think someone like One Step Ahead sells something to secure windows like that. If not maybe dh could just put some 2x4's accros the window and paint themt o match the room. Maybe make them looklike a picket fence or something...


bekysu - February 6

I would def. put baby upstairs and find ANY way to secure it, even it means NAIL the SOB! I have a one story house and I am constantly worried someone will come in and take my kiddos and do mean things to them, although, people can find a way to the upstairs windows too. Remember Elizabeth Smart? This is a tough call. I guess you should do what you feel most comfy with.


SonyaM - February 6

I guess you don't have an alarm??


piratesmermaid - February 7

Well, my hubby has a shotgun if you want to call that an alarm. ;) I was thinking too, the downstairs room is the warmest in the house and the upstairs room is the coldest/draftiest. And WY gets some bitter bitter cold winters...... Is this a genuine concern or is it me having seperation anxiety? I'm really leaning towards moving her room upstairs, then just having her sleep in her cradle in our room until it gets warm enough (we plan on replacing the windows within the next two years as it is...)


kris313 - February 7

Dh and I just had this very same conversation. We're looking at houses and I'm trying to find a layout that has two bedrooms upstairs. A lot of the houses around us have one gigantic master that basically is the entire second floor. Dh thinks that would be great because we could put the computer and all of his game stations up there to use it as a bedroom/mommy-daddy retreat. I would rather put Molly up there because of my fear that someone is going to break in and steal her (I know, not rational). Not to mention the fact that when she gets older there's no way in hell she's going to have a first floor bedroom if we're upstairs! That's just trouble, trouble, trouble. The poor girl, she's only 5 mos. old and I'm already plotting strategy for the teenage years.


piratesmermaid - February 7

Yeah, I brought the "sneaking out" thing up w/ hubby too. I just don't know, and the ceiling is really sloped upstairs, the highest point is only 7 feet high. Argh!! Why is this so hard to decide?


SonyaM - February 7

Just had a brain fart. I am guessing that this is a two bedroom house otherwise you could put you and dh and her upstairs or both downstairs?


piratesmermaid - February 8

Yep, only 2 bedrooms (for now, we plan on finishing the HUGE attic space into a bedroom and 1/2 bath). Oh something else I thought about in regards to the second floor, the large tree in our neighbor's yard, should it fall due to all the wind we get or snow, it'll hit the second floor first, right where I'd have to put her crib, and the stairs going upstairs aren't level and only have a railing halfway up (old house, we plan on fixing these problems once we have $)


piratesmermaid - February 8

Anyone else have any suggestions?


melissa g. - February 8

i am sensitive about this right now b/c a few towns away from me, an 11 yr old girl was just raped in her home, rapist got in thru an unlocked sliding gla__s door, managed not to awaken anyone else in the family -- i think you should put your dd upstairs and secure the windows -- OneStepAhead has a product specifically for childproofing windows. That's my suggestion.


piratesmermaid - February 8

That is AWFUL! But we will be moving Gretchen upstairs as soon as we get home.



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