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ash2 - March 14

DS got his first haircut today and did great ! He didnt cry and i got all kinds of pics : ) He looks so freakin cute ! The place i went gave us a certificate with a lock of his hair . We got the same exact thing for my oldest son !


Lisastar9 - March 14

my son's hair will soon be in his eyes,I plan on using gel to keep is wisky bangs out of his eyes until I have to cut his hair ., His hair is fine so I want to wait as long as possible.


Lchan - March 14

Ash - How old is your son? And how did you keep him still?


ash2 - March 14

He is 9.5 oldest son screamed untill he was blue in the face, but my youngest did fine ! They gave him this pop up toy to entertain himself, and i also brought along my 4 year old ! The stylist was pretty quick moved with him....


bradylove - March 14

Congrats on your little guy's first haircut!Mine have been having haircuts since they were each 3 months (yeah, I have little hairy monkeys!). My oldest always sat still until a couple of haircuts ago, now that he's a little too comfortable with his barber. My youngest is so intrigued by the whole experience that he keeps trying to look at the scissors which makes it a little difficult. I love that little certificate with the lock of hair. I have those too and keep them each in their own memory box with every other first I've acc_mulated for them since they were born.


krnj - March 14

That's great Ash! I have to take my son very soon! He's getting some stragely pieces in the back! I've cut his bangs but I'm afraid to touch the back! lol


Elle - March 15

That is so cute, Ash! Where did you go? Like a chain-type salon or a place that specializes in children's cuts? Did you hold him while they cut it? My dd has hair way past her shoulders and is almost a year old. We're wondering if it might be time for the first cut too.


julie316 - March 15

that is adorable.. my ds is 1 year on Friday and I wanted to get him a haircut then.. Bradylove I thought that was funny what you said.. My son was pretty hairy when he was young but it thinned out or fell out.. I am not sure .. maybe he just wore it Well I did not know they give certificates.. so I am looking forward to having one..


Emily - March 15

Ash2, nine and half mos and you had to cut his hair!? Mary was 12mos and we trimed it just so I could save a lock of that hair while it was still so silky soft.......Marcy is 8.5 and has no more hair than she did three months ago or sind birht really. It has filled in some, but it is not any longer. my preascher's wife has a two month old with hari longer than hers. If you want to see you can see at my piczo.


Emily - March 15

I dont have alot of new pics up, but like I said her harir insant any longer.....



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