First Jarred Baby Food

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Mary - July 5

I have tried all the cereals. Sorry but I have lots of questions as I am a first time mom. What is a good vegetable to start with after that? How much do I give out of the jar? Can I refridgerate it after I hope it? Do I serve the vegetables warm? Do I mix it with the cereals first? Sorry for being a nuissance. Just don't know what to do....


Mary - July 5

Thats supposed to say "open" not hope. LOL.


Kelly K - July 5

Sweet potatoes are always a safe bet to start with. Most babies LOVE them. If it's the first feeding I'd go with half a jar and feed more if the baby is still interested. Just make sure you put it in a bowl instead of feeding out of the jar. This way you don't get bacterial in the jar. I just serve at room temp.. that's what she likes the best. Baby food will keep for 2 days in the fridge. I just heat it up enough to get the chill off and serve. Have fun! You'll be making a mess in no time. :)


Mary - July 5

Thanks for the advice! I have sweet potatoes now. Where do I go from there?


Kelly K - July 5

I'd stick with the orange veges first.. one new one each week (carrots, squash). After that I moved into some fruits and then just mixed it up after that.


erenimi - July 5

that is a good question. My dd spits out everything i try and makes faces. I'm about to try chocolate, because if she doesn't like that she isn't her mommys daughter. lol. (j/k)


Christy - July 5

I know how you feel! I was the same way and my mom was like pushing me about it all of the time. Anyway, I have also heard that the orange veggies are good to start. We, or shall I say my mom, started my son with applesauce first. Luckily, he doesn't seem to prefer fruits over vegetables because of that. After the applesauce, we pretty much picked a different stage one fruit or veg every 4 or 5 days. If I didn't see any reactions in him, we'd go to another fruit or veggie. Once we tried most of everything, I would start mixing it up. I gave him as much as he wanted out of the jar, and if we had leftovers, I would refrigerate it. I usually didn't mix anything with the cereal unless he would refuse to take it straight out of the jar. In that case I would mix it with cereal to see if I could get him to take it. Sometimes it works (with any of the fruits he hated), sometimes not (like with the vegetables.) Also, my son likes his veggies warm, but will also eat them at room temp, just with a little less gusto. LOL :) He does not like anything cold. I hope that helps you out. Good luck and bon appet_t!


LisaB - July 5

My ds loves the orange veggies squash, sweet potatoes are favs however in addition to the oatmeal they will sometimes make him unable to poop so I have to balance them out with green veggies (green beans or peas) or with a fruit with a p. Someone told me think p for poop: apples, pears, prunes, apricots, ect. Like Kelly said do not feed out of jar as it can cause bacteria from babies mouth. I serve room temp, if it has been in fridge I warm to get rid of chill. I will mix a new food with cereal if ds isn't liking it and after a few tries he usually will take to a new food. He hated peas in the beginning and I found a jar so I tried them about two weeks after the first time and he loved them so keep trying.


SonyaM - July 5

We always do sweet potatos, squash, carrots, peas, grean beans, etc. We usually do not warm it (unless it has been in the fridge) becaue when you go out to eat they may not want to eat it if it isn't warmed. (we eat out a lot so this would be a problem for us) Sometimes we mix it with ceral but not usually. I usually put half a stage one in a bowl and start with that. If he doesn't eat the rest of the jar then I put it in the fridge. It's good for 2-3 days in the fridge. Hope this helps. Good luck.


Bonnie - July 8

Okay, we were given direct instructions from Mason's GI specialist. If you have no food allergies or anything in teh family and the baby is at least 5 months, I don't think it matters too much where you starts. But the order of least allergenic to most is....cereals (rice, then oatmeal, then barley) orange vegetables (carrots, sweet potatos), yellow vegetables (squash), green vegetables (peas, green beans), fruits, then meats...............citrus fruits (oranges, pineapples) Some foods should not be started until 6 months or a year depending on the possible reactions. Someone gave me this link for making baby food (which mason hated, rofl)....but it has great info about what foods you should avoid until they are older and why........ (no dashes)



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