First Night In Crib And Scary Thing Happened

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mandee25 - January 13

Last night Noah (7 weeks old) slept in his crib for the first time. We put it in our bedroom as I feel safer with him in there with us. He was getting too long for the bassinette. He slept well as he loves to just sprawl out. My husband did all the night feedings last night and I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed a blanket over my baby's face! He kicked it over his face! I was panic striken so I rushed over and took it off and he was fine but I told my husband off in the heat of the moment and now I feel rotten. I mean, if anything happened to Noah I would just lose it! No more blankets while he is sleeping! I am done with that!


AshleyB - January 13

That is very scary! I'm glad everything is ok. I want to get some of those fleece sack outfits you put on them, because I'm paranoid too. I have a friend that just lost her 15 day old baby to suffocation. It's heartbreaking and terrifying. They lost her the night before I had my son. They co-slept though. The other night my dh put the baby in his ba__sinet but he left his bib on and I couldn't sleep because I was afraid it would flip up over his face. He's 5wks now.


lexa - January 13

Yikes! I remember a thread on this last week. The same thing happened to someone else. Im glad everything worked out for you:-) Definitely no blankets until at least 9 months of age or so. Maybe for the winter, you could buy a sleep sack for him to stay warm. I always feel bad for my lo that we all have blankets and she can't have one. But it's for her own safety:-)


rl- - January 13

well my ds covered his face all the time with a blanket nothing happened he just liked to sleep that way but I can understand that would scare you but it is ok they are not gonna smother themselves really ( :


lexa - January 13

Actually rl, my ped said not to let them sleep with blankets. It's not so much "suffocatin", but he said when they breathe, everyone breathes out carbon dioxide. With the blanket over their face, the will breathe in the carbon dioxide which is poisonous. So it's the toxins of rebreathing that seriously harms them (or worse). I don't know, maybe he was trying to scare me to not use blankets! It worked! rl....I'm NOT debating you:-)


Mingill - January 13

My DS did the same thing, it really is quite scary. I think I stayed up all night watching him after that. I tried the sleepsack but he hates it and I can't find any larger ones in my area. What I do now is fold the blankets, and put half of them under my son when I lay him down so that they are pinned under him by his weight. I make sure that the rest of the blanket only comes up to his chest, and I put mittens/socks on his hands so he can't grab the blanket and pull it up. He hasn't been able to put the blanket on his face since.


shelly - January 13

hi mandee,it reminds me of something that happened the other morning with my ds,hes 6 months and i use a gro bag with him,anyway i could hear him murmer at about 6 in the morning,he d rolled over and was on his front and when i picked him up it seemed that he couldnt catch his breath properly ,his abdomen was sort of contracting, he was fine within a minute or so it frightened the life out of me and for the last 2 nights hes been sleeping on his bouncer that goes down completly flat and is comfortable,im too scared to go to sleep if hes in the cot after that and hes 6 months old,try the gro bags they are brilliant ,completly safe and nothing can go over their face.good luck


shelly - January 13

its such a worry for mums,i really love this baby stage and want to cherish it and not wish his life away but part of me will be happy when hes a year,


SuzieQ - January 13

Have any of you tried the "swaddle me" things? It really works for us - it basically swaddles your baby, fleece,and has velcro tabs to keep it shut so your lo doesn't wiggle the swaddle loose. I tried the sleeping bag type, but dd doesn't like to sprawl out as much :) (and her arms got so cold!)


venus_in_scorpio - January 13

how scary! first night that i had my dd home i had her in the hat that she wore in the hospital. i woke to her screaming... she somehow pulled it over her nose and mouth in her sleep. i dont think i slept for a week after that...


amber508 - January 13

I have a 3 week old now, but with my last daughter who is now 2 I remember her scaring the life outta me too... I came into her bedroom and someone left a big blanket hanging over the head of her crib and somehow she managed to pull it onto her face.... scared the hell out of me. She also managed to pull a hat over her face at one point. I was told to reduce SIDS (Which is what we all worry about with these things) dont turn heat up above 71 degrees and dont let them sleep with anything in their bed... pillow blanket teddybear etc. and of course back sleep is the best when they can roll over themselves they can sleep whatever way they want. Good luck...


Alison - January 13

Aw bless you that must have been scary! Grace has those baby sleeping bag things which are really good and help to avoid worries of blankets going over faces. They are nice and cosy and she loves them, and you get different thickness for Summer and Winter :-) Hope you have recovered from your scare I know it's hard not to worry about these precious little ones xxx


mandee25 - January 13

Thank you all for responding. I am going to try and find those sleeping bag blanket thingys at walmart. They seem safer. :-)


Felisha - January 13

i am glad i dont have to worry about anything like that. my dd will wake in the middle of a dead sleep if i cover her little legs up with a blanket. i never put in over her past her hips put she will kick at it untill nothing is covering her. so now i have to put her in sleepers to sleep. she doesnt sleep to well with them on though she hates having her fet and legs covered and gets so uncomfortable in anything other than a onesie


soon2bemomof3 - January 13

my dd had that happen to her (she is 2 years old now) but it was scary. i now have a 8 week old and he sleeps with a sleep sack on, you can get them anywhere. they're very very convenient.


AA - January 13

Yeps Halo sleep sacks rock!! I can't live without them! I put nothing in my 15 mo olds crib but a small musical stuffed lamb and her :) and this is how it will be until I decide its safe with blankets etc. Not worth the chance


Autumn2006 - January 14

My baby girl sleeps with her blankets every night.. I don't think the girl would be comfortable with out it. I have a positioner in her crib. So I tuck her blanket under the sides and under her feet. Then when she is in her car seat I tuck in the sides but also tuck her bear in with her. My baby loves to hold things and sleep with things by her face. She would move her bear over her face and fall asleep. So that scared me so I tuck it in now. My daughter can sleep... She loves her sleep. But I do check on her a lot when she is in her crib.



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