First O B G Y N Aptt After 6 Weeks Aptt WHEN

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andy - October 11

Hi I just was wondering when are hyou supposed to go again to the dr , I think he said I'll see you in 6 months , so I should go when dd is 71/2 months but my sil goes to the same obgyn and se had her baby 2 months before me and she hasn't gone ... I asked her and she said he told her 1 year .. so who is crazy ... thanks !!!


kimberly - October 11

You are suppose to have an exam in one year after your 6 week check.


lin7604 - October 11

i never knew that and wasn't told that either. All i was told was the 6 week appt. at that appt she said all was well and that's it, nothing mentioned about another appt. my ds will be one on the 24th and i figures all is fine until my pills are up for renewal and then get my pap done then.


wailing - October 11

You are supposed to go back to ur regular schedule of seeing ur OB once a year for paps. But, sometimes they have people come back twice a yr if they have irregular results. I go 2X's a yr b/c I had some issues w/ my papsmears. Maybe that's what ur Dr. meant??


Krissy25 - October 11

at my check up they told me to come back in January which is when i came in for my 1st ob appt. which is 1 year from my last pap. I guess that is how my doctor does it.


crystal74 - October 11

My doctor said since everything came out fine at the 5 week appt then she didn't need to see me for a year. Hi andy, Do you remember me? It's been a long time, last time I talked to you was I think in the trimester forums.


andy - October 11

hey ... thanks.. I think maybe I will go after a year ... so in 6 months it is !! He took a sample for a papsmear at my last checkup , and everything was fine thank God ... Crystal , hi !!!! How is your little Lincoln doing ?? Is he crowling already ?? My Bianka is 6 1/2 months and can sit and is almost 20 pounds now .. She is having now kind of mommy separation anxiety ... is just mommy mommy mommy ... But come on thins is what we just wanted !!!! ... Hope to keep in touch xoxoxo andrea


ImpatientMommy - October 12

My doctor made my appointment for a year after my 6 week check up. My sister in law's was the same way.


crystal74 - October 12

Hey andy. I love Bianka, what an adorable name. Lincoln is 7 months now and is crawling all over, standing with help, and sitting without help. He weighs 25lbs and is 30inches long. He is off the charts but has been since he was born. Do you have myspace. I would love for you to see Lincoln and I would love to see your little one. Oh and Lincoln is saying mama and yes he has to be wherever I am at all times, such a mama's boy. I am glad I'm a stay at home mom. Plus were trying to teach him sign language. It's fun. I think he's got the milk sign down. :)



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