First Period After Baby TMI

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ssmith - January 14

I finally got my period, and dd is 8 months old! I can't say that I am happy about it at all! I was really loving being period-free....oh well. Anyway, for those of you who who's periods have returned.....was the first period really bad? I never really got cramps, or had a particularly heavy flow.....but this period is a doozie. Just wondering if this is normal, and if they will all be like this from now on.....ugh, hope not!!


Linda99 - January 14

SS - are you b___st feeding? My DS is 11 wks, I'm not BF and I still haven't gotten af. I do remember my colleage stating that her af was rough when it came back though...


ssmith - January 15

Yes, I am still b___stfeeding. Is it just the first period that is rough....or are they all rough? Oh dear.


taral - January 15

Hi ssmith....I think your body is trying to get back to "normal"...My first was awful as well, I hardly ever have pimples, and now I feel worse than a teenager, lol!!!


lexa - January 15

It may take some time for your body to adjust and get back to normal with those. I'm on my 3rd since my dd, and it is still bad! The cramps are herendous as well as the flow! Sorry, TMI! I remember with my son, it was the same. They did eventually return to normal (or got better) over time. I can honestly say I never missed these while being pg!!!!


Rabbits07 - January 15

My first one after having Mason was about 5 months pp and it was long and heavy. I've only had two since then....the one following the first one was more like my pre-preg periods, not heavy at all and only about 3 days long....but then my last one was 7 days and quite heavy at times. With my other kids that I b___stfed once I got my period back it was normal and regular from the get-go. With Mason it seems like EVERYTHING from raising him to my own body has been different.


jenrodel - January 15

8 months would have been nice lol... I'm 3.5 mos postpartum, exclusively bf, and got mine this past week!! It wasn't heavy though, actually pretty light with very minimal cramping ( I usually have BAD cramps...) I'm a__suming it was my af...lasted only a few days. :( I was hoping for more time off lol!


Mommy_to_be - January 15

You all are so lucky. I'm exclusively bf-ing and got my period 6 weeks was not heavy, but is still going on (11 days and counting).


Erynn21 - January 15

I got my first af at 8wks pp and am exclusively bfeeding, I would have liked to have a longer break but no. I have had 3 af's since then and they have been light, but my premenstrual symptoms stronger like when I was a teenager, bad lower back pain, migraines, no cramps really. I also am back to 29days exactly in my cycle, I think just like pregnancy, we all are different, I kinda wouldn't mind if mine stayed like this, minus the headaches, it's been short and light.


Linda99 - January 17

Wow - it's like I jinxed myself. I finally got mine almost 12 weeks pp without b___stfeeding. I was starting to worry there. Mine pre preg was always light but painful, now I am on super flow but no discomfort. Very interesting...


^lucy^ - January 18

im not getting it as well,, but not cz im b___stfeeding,, but because im on the mini pill.. im 8 months pp and got it 3 times when i missed my pills.. i never miss them now cz i dont want to get it again :p it was so light and no cramps at all!! i used to cramp so badly before i delivered dd.. im so happy not to get it :p


vonzo - January 18

My first was at 9wks pp really sore, long and extremely heavy! My second one was nearly a month late (that caused some fear :o) ) and wasn't nearly as bad as the first thankfully!! Although i did get a few more sore heads than normal. I formula feed btw.


everthiki - January 18

lucy - is it true that if you are on the mini pill that it delays it even more??? I'm almost 5 mos. post partum and no period yet. This month I did have a lot of cramping though like I was going to get it.


everthiki - January 18

BTW- I'm still b___stfeeding


piratesmermaid - January 18

I got my first at 4months postpartum and it was awful. Heavy, long, and painful. I've had one more since then and it wasn't as heavy as that first one, but not quite back to normal yet either.


pinkbo0tlace - January 19

my son is a month old, and I got my first period about eight days ago. Its soo heavey, the cramps are HORRIBLE!!!


dedaa - January 19

With both of my previous pregnancys I never really stopped getting Af. I have found though with each child my cycle has become shorter and lighter. I used to get heavy cramping and a heavy flow for at least 7 days. After my last baby I went down to a three day cycle and was only a bit heavy the first day the rest was nothing. Right now Im almost 37 weeks with my thirs so I guess will see what this one does for me. LOL



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