First Period Post Pregnancy

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CWeber - November 18

I just had my first period post pregnancy (my lo is 7 1/2 months old and I am no longer br___tfeeding) can I expect my cycles to be regular if I am no longer br___tfeeding? Just wondering as we would like to start on #2 soon. I have not been br___tfeeding for 2 1/2 months.


kimberly - November 19

Sorry to say but it just depends on your body. When I stopped b___stfeeding my son, it took about 5 months for me to have a cycle and then after that I didn't get one for another 4 months. But, some women get it back right away and then are regular from there on. Good luck on ttc!


DDT - November 19

It's different with every woman. I BF till my lo was 6wks and then only had my 1st period at 5 months pp. I have yet to have my 2nd and I'm 9 months pp now.


CWeber - November 19

Sigh...Well I was hoping to get pregnant again soon. Do I just wait it out or try something (drug wise) to get cycling regularly again?


DB - November 19

I still have not gotten my period yet....9.5 months pp, stopped bf about 2 months ago...nothing yet :( but I had fertilty issues trying to conceive dd, so I have my RE appt scheduled for next week to get my consultation to be able to ttc #2 in January. You may be able to take provera/prometrium or one cycle of bcp to jumpstart your cycles...that never worked for me though. If you don't do that it may take a few months to get things back to normal. Good luck.


SaraH - November 20

It will just depend on you and how much your hormones have adjusted. You'll have to just wait and see. Good luck w/ ttc number 2. My lo is also 7.5 months and we are 6.5w's pregnant now...they'll be close but it should be fun anyways. I hope you get that 2nd one soon too.


CWeber - November 20

I guess I will have to just wait and see. I had a perfectly normal period and prior my first pregnancy you could have set your watch by it every month as it was regular. Now I just don't know. I am late for my second period now but don't feel pregnant, atleast none of the sore nipples/b___sts that I had the first time. However, I do realise that the symptoms may not always be the same. I guess I will just wait and see.


love_happy - January 10

i am 1 1/2 months pregnant n yesterday i started bleeding yesterday it was a brownish red deep color am i having a mis carriage...2 include i had no cramps back problem fevers etc....


tish212 - January 10

I have a question about the first period as lo is 3 weeks and bf and now I feel as though I am experiencing my first period post pregnancy... I have started bleeding heavily (sorry if tmi) and feel a bit crampy I think...its hard to say b/c I've never had a regular period due to stage 4 endometriosis so I don't know what a regular period feels like... the endo caused horrible dibilitating I just have slight low cramps and back this my period starting now or still effects of giving birth? (i had a csection if that helps) thanks!


mamagoose - January 10

I am still b___stfeeding, although only 3x a day since my ds is 11 months old. My first pp period was at 9 months, and it's been like clockwork since then, so I can practically tell you what hour of the day it will start! Funny, because it was totally irregular pre-pregnancy...


Mariefe - January 14

I have a 2 and a half month baby girl. Since day one till now I b___st fed and bottle fed her. My period came back just after 7 weeks i gave birth (c-section). Like other ladies said.. its all different for every woman's body. .



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