First Set Of Shots Symptoms

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Rachael - November 2

My 2 month old daughter got her first set of shots today and dr. told me about fever(I've given her infant tylenol). She's not running a fever yet, but she's so upset. Her symptoms are screaming unless I can hold her just right and sleeping much more than usual. I am scared and the Dr. office already closed. Does anyone know if this sounds normal? What symptoms are expected?


Narcissus - November 2

Did they give you a handout for the shots? The CDC website has a list of things to watch for when given a vaccine. My son was very upset and clingy for a week following the shots. He was quite traumatized the first night, like your daughter. I think that some extra cuddling is in order:) Check out the CDC website for severe reactions, -- Also, even if the docs office is closed, you can call and if you stay on most lines, they have an answering service which will page a nurse or doctor to call you right back. I have never had a clinic not offer that service.


Nini - November 2

Hey Rachael!first of all i tell you that my daughter ahd her shots about 3 weeks ago.I noticed that she wouldn't wake up and was sleeping though the day,even when i tried to wake her up.I then noticed that her soft spot had sunken in and that she had to have been dehydrated so i continued her tylenol to brake the fever and gave her some pedialyte.then 1 hour later she was very alert and back to her old self.


Jbear - November 3

My daughter had her 2 month shots last week. She had some swelling at the injection sites, and was sleepier than usual, but no fever. In the handouts that my doctor gave me, it mentioned that one of the shots might cause irritability for a little while (can't find the handout or I'd tell you which one).


d - November 3

For my son's first shot I gave him tylenol before he got his needle and he didn't get a fever and he continued to be fine. On his second needle, I forgot to give it to him before and after the shot he gor cranky and then he got a fever and so I gave him tylenol and he felt much better. If she's sleeping a lot she may be tired. Did she cry after the shot today. Maybe she remembers. My son was upset after the needle and was cranky during that day. Comfort her, stay with her and hold her . Check averything. Did she burp well, try gripe to help, check if hungry. If she is colicky, crying no matter satisfying every basic need, try putting on some cla__sical music and dance around softly. Sleeping is good, my son use to take power snoozes. Does she eat regularly. Its important that she is taking in enough fluids. I'd worry if the child is not eating and not sleeping and has a fever. I'd go to the hospital at that extreme. Keep a close eye.



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