First Shots IM Horrified Plz Help

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18wbabynov - January 18

hey, my dd gets her first shots tomorrow (2 mos)... how long will she be fussy for? do they all get fussy... im gonna cry more than she will... how did all of you manage to get through that?!?! what should i be prepared for, and how can i best help her through that? any advice???


Kara H. - January 19

Max wasn't bothered at all by his 2 month shots. His 4 months made him fussy and sleepy for about 4-5 days. I am dreading his 6 months shots that are coming up next week. Oh well. Lesser evil, I suppose...


ConnorsMommy - January 19

my ds (he's 12mos. now) has never been bothered by any of his shots.. he has always cried while the shot was being administered, but he stops crying after a minute or two. I would suggest feeding her right after she gets the shot, it'll help her forget about the pain. good luck.. i remember the first time my ds got his shots, I felt so bad for him!! =( .. it gets easier each time though!!


18wbabynov - January 19

im so scared for her... i just know I HATE shots... and i feel like im just letting them hurt her... poor baby... i cant stand knowing she wont be happy... and i hate to hear her cry... she only really cries if there is a big problem... she's such a good baby, and here i go feeding her to the wolves... bad mommy... )o:


eclipse - January 19

My son had his first of the shot series today-4 of them! I couldn't believe it when they told me. Thank goodness my husband was there-I tried to get out of watching it but they trapped me. My son wasn't too bad afterwards, and actually did better than I would have. He took a long nap afterwards. My advice, have something to eat for your baby for immediately afterwards-it seemed to help calm my son down. I also went out per the recommendation of my pediatrician and nurse and got tylenol infant drops and gave that to him right before the shots, and then 3 1/2 hours after (every four hours-they suggested I overlap it so he wouldn't get upset with the soreness.) He did well, a little fussy tonight, but no big deal. It was upsetting, though, he had all these little bandaids on his legs. Stay strong, girl. Stay strong.


18wbabynov - January 19

wow, i didnt know they are allowed to take tylonol at such a young age... me ped never mentioned anything like that... does sound like a good idea though... does the box say how often and how much to give a 2 month old baby... i know some of the medication boxes start with 6 mos and go up from there... how much am i supposed to give her?


eclipse - January 19

My ped gave me the recommendations. since I have a porker of a baby (see other post, lol) I am able to give him .8ml of tylenol infant drops. They gave me a whole sheet with it broken down into weight cla__s, etc. It is not on the bottle, it just says call your doctor. Wait and see what she weighs and they can give you the parameters.


Kara H. - January 19

Check with your doctor....but mine says less than 11lbs, give .4ml. If the baby is 11-17lbs give .8ml


Mingill - January 19

My DS just had his 2nd round of shots. DH holds him because I can't even watch. But, after his first set, my son pretty much slept. He'd wake up, eat, have his baby tylenol and go right back to sleep. He did fuss a little, but it only lasted a day. Keep an eye on the injection sites, there may be some redness/swelling - a cool cloth held on the site should help. Also keep an eye out for fever, a slight fever is normal but if it's too high you should call the dr. My little guy didn't have any problems though, just a little fussy and sleepy. Try not to stress too much, babies pick up on your feelings, and remember it's in your lo's best interest. Feeding your little one right after the shots is a great idea, it really helps calm them down. A little baby tylenol (infant drops) before the needles and then as recommended afterwards also really helped my DS. Good luck.


Rabbits07 - January 19

I always freeze a few folded washclothes in ziplock bags and use them for icepacks on the injection site.(folded in quarters is a good size) Freeze a few and you can rotate them throughout the day. I always let my babies sit in the swing or infant seat and placed it on their leg and the seat/swing helped hold it there. Of course, you don't want to put it on bare skin, but a thin sleeper or something is sufficient. Our pedi recommends ice packs on day one and warm compresses on day two.


rl- - January 19

my ds only cried for a short time and then went to sleep and slept for quite awhile then he seemed fine I did give him a does of infant tylenol per pedi's recomendation but he was fine don't worry it really is nothing...


srigles - January 19

Keegan just had his, and he just let out a little yelp when he got his shot and that was it. As for afterwards - he was REALLY fussy and screamed on and off for about 12 hours. We gave him some Tylenol (.8ml) and that seemed to help. Also, our doctor said to give him some Tylenol BEFORE he goes in for his next shot and that should keep him a little calmer. He had a little bruise on his leg for a couple of days, but it bothered me more than it bothered him!


18wbabynov - January 19

wow... so many of you were told about the tylenol... why wasnt i??? im gonna try it... tylenol cant hurt! i know she is 12lbs 8oz, today we put her on the scale... so i guess that means i should give her .8, right? what kind of tylenol is that EXACTLY... i know there are a bagillion types!


Steph - January 19

Infant Tylenol what you should give. Based on the her weight, give .8 about 30 minutes before the appt. Good luck!


18wbabynov - January 19

thank you thank you thank you!!!


Kara H. - January 19

They should say consentrated infant drops. We use the walmart brand. Much cheaper.


Deb - January 19

The generic brand is the same as the Tylenol brand and much cheaper. Make sure it says it is for infants. My dd wasn't bothered by her shots at all...I think it is tougher on the parents than it is on the babies. She just had her six month shots on Wednesday and she didn't even cry on the first thigh! I gave my dd tylenol before each set of shots and never had a problem.



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