First Studio Pictures Of Your Baby

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fitzerin - October 8

At what age did you get your first studio pictures of your baby? I don't know when is too early. Do I wait until he can sit up? Until he can hold his head up? What did you all do? BTW my boy is 2 weeks old.


kimberly - October 8

I think you can have them taken at anytime. But, around 2 months they can hold thier head up more and they have longer alert periods, so you may catch them with thier eyes open. Of course you can have it done now but he may sleep through it.


fitzerin - October 8

that's what I was thinking...but I honestly don't know when to expect him to be able to hold his head up. :-)


TiffanyRae - October 8

We took Alex's first pictures at 2 weeks...BUT it was a small package and we pretty much just wanted one pose for his announcments. We get the pose where he is naked and laying face down on a HUGE teddy bear....really cute. And Kim is right...he just slept through all the poses! We are going to take his next set at around two-two and a half months...whenever his neck can support his head a little better.


jodie - October 8

I took my dd at 2 days then again at 1 month, 2 months and I plan on taking her every month for the first year. I did with my son also. Once he hit a year we did 18 months and I am going to do his 2yr pics next month. They change soooo much and soo often it's good to go alot!!!


aliciavr6 - October 8

I went at two months


DB - October 8

We did 6 weeks, 4 months and 7 months so far. I thought that was a good space because at 6 weeks she could stay awake a bit longer, by 4 months she could lay on her tummy and support her head and chest (CUTE PICS!!)...and 7 months she could sit unsupported like a pro!! I recommend at least one early pic because my dd looks way different than she did as a tiny newborn! Amazing how quickly they change :)


socalmom - October 8

I did 3months, 6months,9months and 12 months with my dd and I plan to do the same with my ds. I ordered the extra large size and had them all framed the same. I also did 18 months and now I just take her every year on her birthday...and I will do the same with my boy!


DDT - October 8

We did our first prof pics when ds was 7wks old. Your lo will probably only be sitting by himself when he's 5-6 months old. So, if you can wait that long go ahead! 8o) Otherwise, he should be able to hold his head up 8wks as kimberly has said. Our 2nd set of pro pics were done when ds was 6 months. IMO they came out MUCH better. Our next ones will probably be at 10 months (Xmas time).


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 9

My daughter was a week old when we did hers, the next ones will be family pictures when she is 2-3 months. I want them sooner for just her but my hubby don't want to do them again that soon just because they cost so much. But we get good deals. But my DD can hold her head up for longer then 10 minutes and has been able to since she was 4 1/2 weeks old, and is very, very alert. since then too. They say babies can't see far, but she follows me around the room and I'm usually 10-15 feet away.



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