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newmom - December 26

I know it's out of topic but just wanted to share with u guys..24 Christams evening was a real bad day for me, let me tell u the reason: I have been feeling great pain since 2-3 months on my right side of stomach it used get worst some times and some times to a limit that i just couldn't tolerate but i didn't wanted to go to hospital coz i just couldn't be far from my baby, my DH and every body was trying their best to convince but i just wouldn't listen..Finally on 24th i was in h__l coz of the sevear pain and it just wouldn't let me, i thought it will take time but will get better but it didn't so my DH's bro's wife who was with me that day finally noticed that my face was getting red and i just couldn't hide it anymore she said u better be going to ER but i denied coz i just didn't wanted to be far from my son even for a sec, she said i don't have to worry about my son coz there are so many ppls to take care of him ,and if some thing bad happens to me what good will it do to my son? i still refused but she called my DH and he came right away , i yelled at her coz i didn't wanted her to that but they insisted and my DH picked me up by force like a baby and took me to car and took me to ER by force as if he was kidnapping me..any way i was diagnosed with stomach ulcer and gallbladder, i was crying not coz of the pain but for my son..i wanted to call my family every five min to make sure my son was ok.and i was amazed when i heard him playing and laughing with his uncle "my DH's bro" ..i spent the night ER and it was the worst day of my life coz it was the first time ever i was far from my son, i'm proud on him that he didn't give his uncle and his wife a hard time he has been a good boy, but still i will never go back to hospital i can't live without him..


Heidi - December 26

But you need to take care of yourself too but I know how you feel. I've only left Emma's side for an hour at the max with her great grandma. I worry about me getting sick or something and not being able to care for her. I b___stfeed too so she relies on me. But you do need to get better so you can care for her too. Think of it that way at least. What if the pain got so bad you pa__sed out alone with your son? That would be scary. So get better so you can be with your little guy!


Ashley - December 26

Hope you get better soon. Also, you need to be healthy and feel well so as you can be there for your son. I think you need to look at it that way, because if you do need to go back to the hospital, you should so you can get healthy fast! I wish you a speedy recovery! How are you feeling now?


Shelly - December 26

OMG,thats awful,I hope you get to feeling better soon!! What did they say about your gallbladder,do you have gallstones??And don't be hardheaded,everybody else is right,you need to take care of yourself so you can tale care of your baby!! I wish you a speedy recovery and let me know about your gallbladder!! (I had gallstones since I was 16 weeks pregnant and had it removed on november 15)


newmom - December 27

Thank you guys for caring..well i'm on anti-biotics and pain killers i was asked to be back the next day but here i'm still home and just can't convince myself to go back


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 27

Don't mean to sound awfull here and I'm sorry if you think I am, but why are you not willing to get checks? How do you think your son will feel if something happens to you? My mum had gallstones and it almost killed her. If the worst does happen to you he will have a lifetime of no mum, and for what? Cos she didn't want to be away from him for a couple of hours?


Jamie - December 27

I have to agree with Lesley...I'm glad you're alright, but if you had gone to the doctor sooner, you may not have needed to be in the hospital overnight. Also, in my opinion, it's unhelthy for both you and your baby to never be apart.


Shelly - December 27

I don't want to tell you what to do,but you should find out what you have.If you have gallstones those antibiotics and painkillers are not going to last very long,besides that,if you do have them you need to go on a special diet.Also,you can't cure something if you are not diagnosed,and not going to the doctor does NOT MEAN THAT IT WILL GO AWAY BY ITSELF.For your and your babies sake you should go to the doctor.By posting that you should have gone but that you are not only means that you need a little push to go,we are here to support you,but also to give you advice and it's up to you to take it or leave it!


newmom - December 27

Thank u guys..thank u for being so friendly..thanks for advices..i will surely take care of myself and go for surgery and yes i'm on diet there are so many things i'm not allowed to anymore..will keep on posting..i just love this forum i wanna be here all the times i will miss u all..wish me best of luck


Shelly - December 27

So....are you having gallstones???Tami and I had them and we have been able to help a lot of people.Also you can check our thread in pregnancy complications,it's gallstones during pregnancy,bunch of tips there too!!



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