First Time Mom A Couple Questions

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Jenn2 - April 7

I will be having my first baby in less than 2 months. I have a couple questions about daily routine for the very beginning. I know the baby will sleep allot at first, but I would love to hear tips/advice from women who have been through it all before. a couple questions I have are....when did you start pumping your br___ts? did you steralize your br___t pump equipment every time after use, or how often if not? how soon after you came home from the hospital did you sponge bathe your baby? what are essentials for diaper change (ex: do you put diaper rash cream on every time? and do you use baby wipes or cloth with warm water at first to wipe the bum?) anything else you think would be helpful....let me know.


Bonnie - April 7

You don't have to sponge bath a newborn more than once or twice a week. I only use diaper rash cream is the bottom looks a bit red. You can use either baby wipes or a cloth with warm water. ....My biggest tip is too have a bunch of frozen meals or easy things to eat ready to go. The last thing you have time for is cooking. Anything you can eat with your fingers is even better as a lot of times you will be holding baby, lol.


Kelly K - April 7

Another tip is to not count on the baby sleeping at first. Some babies do, but my daughter didn't. She barely slept for the first 3 weeks after she was born. I use baby wipes since you can throw them away. You don't need to use diaper rash cream unless you see signs of rash. They bathe the baby in the hospital so I didn't give her a sponge bath until we'd been home about a week. I let her get used to us first. Just make sure you have the bathroom really warm and only uncover one area at a time to wash. Newborn babies HATE being cold. I wasn't able to b___st feed so I can't help there. I do however sterililze bottles and nipples once a week in boiling water and wash them in the dishwasher rest of the time. Hope this helps!! Good luck with your new baby!! It's so much fun after you get past the hard parts of adjustment. My daughter is almost 5 months old and the best fun ever.


kristie h - April 7

Hi Jenn2, Kelly is right. What i did b4 bathing the baby was i put his towel in the dryer along with his cloths so they were warm when he was getting dressed. Another person told me ( i wish i thought of it) is that when you do bath the baby, bath her in a sunny spot in the house that will aso help to keep her warm. Some ppl bath their baby anytime of the day but i bathed my son from the day he was born in the afternoon around 3-4pm so it was a slight routine and he was warm and already for bed. As he got older and could bare the cold a little more then i started to bath him a little later. Another good thing to have at hand is gripe water, this helps wind so it gets released alot easier and my son seemed to be happier after i gave it to as he didnt get much tummy upsets. Hope this all helped. good luck with you baby b4 you know you will be running after he/her!


corinne - April 7

Try to sleep when the baby does so your well rested. You will need all the sleep you can get.


Annette - April 7

Hi, Jenn2. I started pumping my b___sts the same day my milk came in (4 days after birth) because I got very engorged; I sterilized the pump every time I used it and then stopped, just washed it with very hot soapy water according to what I read in a website. Now I am sterilizing it again because I am terrified of getting thrush, it might not be necessary, I just don´t want to gamble. If you are going to b___stfeed, always have a gla__s of water close because it makes you thirsty! I try to have a couple bottles with b___stmilk in the fridge so husband can feed baby in the middle of the night when is hard to keep my eyes open, let alone hold a baby to my b___st. I don´t use diaper rash cream, regular Vaseline is the cheapest thing in the world and works perfectly with my baby. Change your baby as soon as she has a bm. Kristie is right, try to bathe him always at the same time to start a schedule. I used towelettes with warm water in the beggining and then switched to wipes, my baby cried every diaper change until I got a wipewarmer. In the first weeks get as much help as possible; if anyone volunteers, accept! Especially for shopping and cooking. It is not easy but try to nap whenever baby does and forget about housechores. Most of all, enjoy every minute with your new baby, time does fly!


C - April 7

I agree about sleeping when the baby sleeps. I used to try to get stuff done around the house and as soon as I would lay down he would cry again. The first 5-6 weeks were hard for me but then it got a lot easier. I started pumping at 6 weeks when I returned to work. Before then I did it a couple of times just to try it out.


Jilloh - April 7

my baby liked to sleep in the hospital but doesn't at home. he likes to sleep on mom or dad's chest. also i started pumping in the hospital because my little guy has problems latching on but we are working on that, but why waste the good milk, i read the instructions on how to sterilize my new b___st pump (however I did not buy it until i found out that feeding was a problem) in the hospital that I delivered at the baby wipes were ones you wet with water, however, they said that others were fine too, it was just pediatric prefrence. everyone says get rest now and they mean it, my guy is 4 days old and i am just now adjusting to somewhat of a sleep pattern of every couple hours.


Trac - April 8

If you will be at home with your baby, it is soooo much easier to just b___stfeed. I would not pump for at least the first 6 weeks. I think the baby is more efficient at sucking than the pump and you will need the baby to eat often to help establish your supply. Diaper creme is only if they have a rash. And, a bath is really only needed once they get a little older. We used to get a warm wash cloth and just give a sponge bath every other day but otherwise they get sooo cold if you give them a real bath. I agree with the others --- sleep when the baby does! And, remember to cherish the time with your newborn and don't worry about keeping your house perfect. Just bond, b___stfeed and sleep! You might feel like you are constantly feeding the baby, but that is normal. Check out for good help on b___stfeeding questions.


Janet B - April 8

first of all, get as much sleep now as you can...everyone told me that and I was like "yeah ok" and it was the best advice I got. LOL I swear by creamy desitin for diaper cream, I used balmex & A&D and they gave my son rashes. plus the creamy desitin smells great. I sponged my son off until his cord fell off. Make the room nice & toasty warm where you sponge her and I would either use the kitchen sink or baby tub seat. I recommend frangrence free wipes for a newborn and pampers swaddler are THE BEST for newborns.


Courtney - April 8

Jenn2, congratulations. my advice: about the pumping...the more you pump the more milk you will produce. So, if your like me and want to build a supply for future nights out or back to work there is no reason you can't start as soon as you are comfotable. I do recommend pumping while you nurse on the other b___b, you get more milk and an easier let-down. Yes, wash the parts after use - anything that touches you or milk. Thats what works for me.


TRP - April 9

Just from my experience, I had to pump a lot after my dd was born because I couldn't feed her yet, because she had to spend some time in the ICU. My milk didn't come in as fast because I didn't have my dd to bring it along. So, I would say if your milk doesn't come in after birth, then pumping to get things going wouldn't hurt. And yes, sterilize after every use.There are already a lot of good suggestions for your other questions. I would say that the baby doesn't need a bath everyday, just as long as you clean them very well around their bottom area and clean the umbilical cord very well too. Which, for me, they gave me little alcohol swabs to clean that with. So good luck and congrats! Hope the delivery goes well for you! =)


Shea - April 10

Jenn2 I also sterilized b___st pump parts after each use - but Medela makes these bags you can microwave to sterilize everything in a couple of minutes and they can be re-used 20 times - I love them! I now put pacifiers, bottles, nipples everything in there to sterizile.


tiffani - April 10

When it comes to cleaning the umbilical cord stump... don't. It falls off faster if you just leave it alone. As for the Medela microwave bags, I use those too! I love them!!!! I only sterilized my pump, by boiling it, the first time, after that I used the Medela bag. :o)


TRP - April 10

tiffani ~ everytime I took my dd to her checkups, before the umbilical cord stump fell off, her ped kept telling me that I wasn't cleaning it good enough. I was told that the alcohol dries it up, so it won't ooze and get infected. Did it ever oozesince you didn't clean it?


ralhun - April 11

I was told not to clean the stump too and it healed just fine


desiree - April 12

Hello..I started pumping at the hospital, my son had a hard time latching, so at the last minute, I rented a pump, and used it faithfully 7 times a day for 3 months. I sterilized it every time. Gerber bottles fit fight on to some models, so you just have to screw a nipple on. I bathed my son a few days after I got home, and before I had him, I put together a basket of diaper change stuff to have right in the living room, the less steps the better for me, at that time. The basket is still there, and full of diapers and washcloths, now, a year later!! My son was terribly allergic to wipes and Pampers diapers, so I used water and washcloths....but just the other day, I fished out a brand new box of wipes I never used to keep out to wash his hands befor meals...I put the box on the fridge, and when I went to get a wipe, it was warm!! So if my next baby can use wipes I will put the box on the fridge until I need wipes!! I use Dest_tin at night .simply because he has such senstive skin. Good luck to you!!!



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