First Time Mom Doesnt Know What She Is Doing

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Felisha - January 24

i can change a diaper make a bottel console my child and i am getting to know her different cries. but evertime i come on here and read some of these posts i think to myself wow sippy cups at 6 mnths i thought those were introduced at about a yr (wow was i wrong) there are so many things that i dont know about that i am going to need to know. like when to start putting cereal in the bottle how i am supposed to help her go from 3oz of formula every 3 hrs to 5 oz ever how ever many hours. when should i expect teething and hair growth and basically all the milestones to look for. all my baby does is sleep. it doesnt help that she is sick right now. but when she is awak i try and talk to her but i cant seem to keep her attention she always stares off into space. i know this is normal for a 6 wk old. can you ladies tell me when your babies reached certain milestone. it doesnt really matter which ones jsut any. i have read the books but they dont seem to help as well as ya'll do. I also dont know how to best interact with her to help her reach these milestones. i guess wht i am looking for isnt really an answer to a certain question i am just curious of how soon she will start to devlope stuff like emotions and hand eye coordination and how i am supposed to play on her emotions so i can know who she is. (this isnt stupid is it?)


sahmof3 - January 24

Well, I've had three and am still amazed that people can get their LOs to take a sippy at 6 months lol. Mine were closer to 10 months (a year in my dd's case). My older two got their first tooth at 5 1/2 months, my youngest, not until about 8 months. I nursed, so I don't know about formula increases. Anyway, it sounds like your dd is a normal 6 week old. They pretty much eat, sleep, poop and stare :-)


Felisha - January 24

i just havent been around babies alot inmy life and not sure what to expect in the upcoming weeks months and years. any advice and just to let me kows are great thanks sahmof3


jillianT - January 24

try not to worry. it's been 8 years since i've had an infant to take care of and sooooo much has changed since he was a baby anyway, most of what i do remember isn't even relevant anymore. i subscribe to parenting magazine and i get emails for every week of dd's life though a website -- i think it's called baby i love this website, not only for the baby advice, but bc the women on it are awesome...they are real people w/ real lives and sometimes in books and magazines it's just a little bit easier said than done, ya know?? as for cereal in the bottle, i don't agree w/ doing that, but i know some mom's do it and their kids are fine, so i guess that's a decision you'll have to make for yourself...i think the best way to get to know your baby is by spending time actually playing w/ and talking to her..pretty soon she'll be responding to you and you'll start seeing her little personality shining through. i'm sure you're doing a great job.


Kara H. - January 25

Our ped gives us a sheet at each visit that tells us what the LOs should be doing that month, things to look for and issues that arise during that time period. I aways found it helpful. There is a book out there called something like The Baby Owners Manual it is a great book for first time moms. Hang in there, you will figure it out as you go!


Rabbits07 - January 25

It's not stupid at all. It's good that you want to know what to expect and what you can do to help your dd thrive physically and emotionally. The babycenter website that jillian mentioned is a good source for reading about the developmental milestones. They can vary so much from baby to baby. I am amazed at how much the same my first 5 were and how different Mason is from all of them! Right now, even though she may not show it, your dd is learning to recognize certain voices...and her number one fave is probably yours. One day soon in the next few weeks she will reward you for all the talking you do to her by looking you square in the eyes and smiling from ear to ear! She will also start to roll over anytime within the next couple of months or I said it varies from baby to baby. Let her have as much tummy time as she will stand (some babies hate it). It does help strengthen their neck muscles though. Some babies won't do it and still fare out fine so don't worry if she hates it. Giggles will soon be coming your way, too. Mason was a late giggler...around 5 months or so before I got him to. There is so much to look forward to. Don't stress about it...just sit back and enjoy it and get to know her for who she is and not what the "books" say she should be. They grow up way too fast to miss it worrying that you'll do something wrong. As long as you give her love that's all she'll ever need to grow up to be the best person she can be!


aurorabunny - January 25

You're not stupid at all, people learn how to do these things (nobody is born knowing all this stuff, I don't care what they say.) I will try to help answer some of your questions and I would say check with your ped also...My son is almost 7 months and DETESTS his sippy cup so we aren't stressing about that at all. My pediatrician doesn't recommend putting cereal in the bottle, they recommend feeding with a spoon only any time from 4-6 months...we started at 4 months because of low birth weight and acid reflux problems, but that's kinda a personal decision for everyone I think. As far as we've always done with the formula, our little guy let's us know when he is ready to be bumped up another half ounce or ounce by his behaviour. I know at least their daily intake should equal 2 oz. for every pound that they weight, at least that seems to be the standard. Average teething age is around 6 months, but I know people who's babies had teeth at 3 months and some who had none still at 10 months. Big range of time on that one, and it is all normal. Pretty much the same for hair growth. Woo that was long, hope I helped a little bit. The best book that I own is What To Expect The First Year. It is really a big help as far as milestones and all that other stuff. Asking for help doesn't make you a stupid mom, the only stupid thing would be if you didn't ask!!


Felisha - January 25

i really do appreciate the support and advice i cannot stress that enough.


Emily - January 25

every baby is different,. you can take all the adivce you wont but int he end you know what is best for you and your baby. as long as she is happy and helathy then good. First off just because one mom gives a sippy cup at 6 mso does not mean you have too. my 1st would take it till much later and my second one will (at 7 mos not 6....) it is just a diff in child....even siblings are diff. Dont wory too much. just becasue you are a first time mom doesnt mean anythign. Just take cues from your baby. is she still hungry after a bottle, increase the amount, is she not slleping as much and getting up mopre offten to eat, then increase teh amount. also they say not to put cereal in ta bottle anymore, but some do. just do what works for you, I could never get the stupid thign to work sso I ended up spoon feeling ceral at night, lot more messy but so much funnier too.....anyway just go with what you feel is rightt and take the advice you think you can live with and what sounds good. to you. -even mine if you dont like, it-dont take it..... and remmeber jsut talk to your doc about things too.


bbelmore - January 25

I call motherhood "hands on learning" Just take it in stride. Every day something new will happen and by your first instinct you will know what to do. I am a first time mom with a 10 month old ( well almost 10 mos) and I think I have been doing pretty good. James is healthy and strong, and advanced in a lot of ways. I am just going to keep on doing what I am doing, and you should too :)



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