First Time Mom Question Again

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firstbabe - January 18

Hi....I'm wandering if its too early to introduce pablum/cereal to my girl? She is 4 months old. I was thinking of one small teaspoon before bed if I made it really liquidy with formula. What are your thoughts? Will it make her gassy at all? When do you usually start?


vonzo - January 18

sorry to sound ignorant but what's pablum?


falafal0 - January 18

Well, if you mean rice cereal or the starter cereal for babies, I'm sure you'll be told by your health nurse or GP to wait until they're six months old, to feed milk only. But having said that, as a mother of four children, and having just started my fourth on soupy rice cereal at 5 months old just a few days ago, it will be your choice in the end. My babies seemed ready a bit earlier than was suggested. With my first I waited until around 6 months, then went from there. WITH my consecutive children they're were ready to get into foods a bit ealier. Grabbing the spoon, tongue going, eager and interested, and took only days to get the hang of it and nothing came out after that! Some babies just need more, but I think perhaps at four months might be a bit young. Just check it out with the child health nurse or someone similar to see what they think - it has to do with their system being at a certain stage to easily tolerate the food and digest it well, also the tongue to be able to not gag and choke (which they will do anyway, especially if t's too thick)...good luck. Hope I;ve made sense!


firstbabe - January 18

pablum i guess is what we call "cereal" here


firstbabe - January 18

Thank you........I think I'll wait then until shes 6 months.


jorden - January 18

i started giving my son cereal at 4months. I didnt make it soupy or anything. His ped said they like to start solids at about 6 months but its up to me.


ChristinaBonBon - January 18

I started giving my little one some baby rice mixed with her formula at 4 1/2 months, just at lunchtime....she loved it. Now at 5 months she has pureed veggies at lunch and pureed fruit for tea.....always trying to keep the milk going of course! Play it by ear a every baby is different, but if you want to try runny baby rice why not give it a try (perhaps in a few weeks when slightly older).....your little one will soon let you know if she is not ready by not taking it, then just wait a week and try again. I knew my daughter was ready to start trying (she has always taken water off a baby spoon for fun) so that's why I started at 4 1/2 months....she does love her solids, bless.


Emily - January 18

I think my ped must be the only one int he world who suggested rice cereal when my dds were 4 mos.....We started both on rice at 4 mos. My first loved it. she went right for it. My second, not so much, so we waited awhile. Go with what you think is right for your dd. Some are ready at four months like May was, some aren't ,like Marcy.


sahmof3 - January 18

I gave all of mine rice cereal at 4 months, but my youngest rejected it until he was ready at 5 1/2 months. You can always give it and if it seems to make her ga__sy you can wait a few weeks/months.


MM - January 18

My doc told me when my lo is 4 months old I should start him on cereal.


ashtynsmom - January 18

We started cereal between the 4th and 5th month. I made it very soupy and gave it to her AFTER her bottle.


lin7604 - January 18

My ped told us at my dss' 2 month appt that we could start spoon feeding him pablum. I didn't feel comfortable spoon feeding him so we put it into his night time bottle. Today i decided that i will spoon feed him as he is 3 months now. At his 2 month appt he was 16 lbs and 24.5 inches long a big boy that is growing fast. We will see if it help and see if it makes a difference in his formula intake, as he was drinking over 40 oz a day. At night he is up every 1.5 - 2hrs !!! starving!!!! so we will see. firstbabe where are you from?


firstbabe - January 18

I'm in manitoba, canada


Erynn21 - January 18

My dd started cereal at 3.5 months because she was hungry for "real" food, she was trying to grab spoons, forks, food and displaying chomping her gums like she was eating. I was going to wait until at least 4months, actually she was like a week away from 4months, but the kid wanted food. Our doctor said it was fine because she was displaying all the behavior of being ready, and we don't have any food allergies, so to go for it. She got it the first time pretty much, so if your baby is showing the signs try, if it doesn't work wait.



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