First Tooth

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ssmith - July 12

Just wondering when your LO's got their first tooth?


Heather F - July 12

my pedi said that the majority of girls have at least one by 4 months and boys by 6 months.


fasha12 - July 12

My son is just cutting his first teeth (2 top ones) and he just turned 3 months yesterday. He is way early though!


Ba8y6irl - July 12

yeah my dh had teeth when he was 3 months as well, so it can happen!!! :)


ssmith - July 12

My daughter is 2.5 months and has been acting as if she is starting to get a tooth. She chews & sucks on her hands a lot, drools more, and has recently had a rather sore bottom....all things that I would consider to be signs of teething! Hmmm....


jas - July 12

My ds is 3 1/2 and just broke his first bottom tooth the other day. He has been drooling since 2 months and constantly chewing on anything he can get to his mouth. It's funny - you go to kiss him on his cheek and he will turn his head to try and see what he can get in his mouth to chew on. My other son went to kiss Jadon, and the next thing I knew, he was hollering that Jadon was biting his nose. It was too funny...


jas - July 12

That's 3 1/2 months - not years...


TinaMarie - July 12

My daughter was 7 months and got the 2 bottom teeth at the same time.


Sarahsmommy - July 12

She was about 5 months when she got the first and about a week later got the second. She also likes to try to eat our noses, it's funny :)


AmandaManns - July 12

My son is 6.5 months and still does not have any teeth, although these last few days he has been teething BAD. Hopefully it will not be long before one breaks through, what is weird though is his pediatrician told us he was teething at 3 months but they can teeth for a long time before actually getting a tooth.


Aussie Beck - July 12

My dd is 6 months and just got her two bottom teeth within a week of each other! She started teething at 3 months - I hope we get a bit of a break before the next ones come along LOL!!!


grandma - July 13

Here's a good older sister was born with one tooth. Mom was bf and made some comotion. The doctor thought she was nuts, until he put a finger in the baby's mouth. He then marched down the hall with babe in arms to show off the tooth to everyone on the ward, nurses, other docs and everyone else! The term is "milk tooth" Just goes to show like rolling over and crawing, etc. they are all different! Oh, don't forget there are 20 baby teeth in total.


Christy - July 13

Ben is 8 months old and started cutting his forth tooth on Sunday. It feels like a few more are starting as well.


Christy - July 13

Oh- and FYI- my son has been showing signs of teething since he was 2.5 months old. It can be along dragged out process, let me tell you! :)


Christy - July 13

Oh my goodness- I meant to write that Ben is cutting his FIRST tooth now, now the 4th. Sheesh- talk about typo city!


Soleil_xoxo - July 13

my daughter got her first tooth at 4 mo. and like 2 weeks later got her second tooth..... wasnt until she was 9 mo. that she started growing out the rest.



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