Fissure Tear Sphincter Tear

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Amy_mommy - June 21

any of you ladies in here had those tears after giving birth? please let me know and your outcome & how u dealt with it. thanks


JEN - June 21

I had a 3rd degree tear as my son weighed nearly 9lbs ( and I am only 5'3"). I found it helpful to wear those girdle panties for a few weeks pp- I felt that it just held everything together, plus it kept that HUGE pad in place LOL!!! Since then, I have not had a lot of pain, but s_x has just FINALLY become more enjoyable ( sorry if TMI). I think it just takes a while to fully heal. I was given a prescription for vicoden and ibuprofen for about 2 weeks pp to deal w/the pain.


GD - June 21

Hi Amy_mommy, i had a first degree tear which apparently it is not so bad but still hurt a lot and it took me about 2 months to fully heal. Right now the tissue it is still tender but no pain or anything like that. What i found it help was cold/ warm compress to help with the swelling and the pain and tylenol as well. Hope this helps!


Amy_mommy - June 21

o yeah, i have bloody painful bowel movement everytime!


GD - June 21

hi again... yeah the same happened to me... sorry i did not want to share that part thinking it would be a bit too much but yeah i hated having to go number 2 because it was painful.... but it gets better, try not to become constipated because that is the worst....


Amy_mommy - June 21

GD: i delievered 10 weeks ago though and it just started having this the 5 week after about yours?


olivia - June 21

Amy_mommy they are the worst! I have had a fissure and have to say it was one of the most painful things. Your doctor can prescribe a cream for it if its right on the outside. You should take extra fiber (citrucel orange flavor is ok), they have fiber pills too you can take if you can't get enough in your diet. The idea is to keep things coming out soft.... Other than that you can do sits baths but there isn't much besides keeping it clean and letting it heal. I remember being absolutely terrified to go to the bathroom. The cream they gave me almost made it worse because it was called "a___l pram" so I was so embarra__sed to pick it up the pharmacy -- then hid it like it was a sin at home. They take a long time to heal, just keep up with the fiber. Also, it sounds crazy, but doing breathing like when you were in labor can help when you're trying to not scream while going to the bathroom.


Amy_mommy - June 21

olivia: how long did it take u to heal? did u have to go through surgery? this is not hemmohoid......because doctor said I DON'T HAVE HEMMHOID!


GD - June 21

Hi, Well my son is almost 6 months old so i am not dealing with it now but yeah mine started maybe 4-5 weeks after delivery as well and at the beginning it did not hurt much it was just discomfort and i remeber freaking out because the bleeding had stopped and then i started bleeding again so i did not know what was going on, so like they say that after delivery you are prone to become constipated, i did and that is when hell pretty much came knocking on my door...because everything was you can only imagine as hard as rock so it got pretty irritated and of course it was impossible to heal because as soon as i was sort of starting to heal, well it was time to poop again so it would tear once again and i was terrified of going to the bathroom, i would start to sweat and you know what i agree with Olivia , try and breathe like when you were in labor it helps to sort of relax the muscles and make things come out easier... As for healing completely, as time went by and i pretty much went back to my routine and healthier eating habits, i noticed that things got better, right now i am able to poop withouth being scared but once again i try my best to stay regular and not become constipated as i am afraid i might tear again. Hang in there, it only gets better....this too shall pa__s...


olivia - June 21

It went on and off for a long time. I did not get surgery, they said they could put a st_tch to help it heal but I am just too proud (stupid) to tell anyone I need b___t surgery. So it took months to heal and now it is still sort of a weak spot so I have try not to get constipated or it happens again. I did not have hemmohoids either, so this is probably the same thing. The doctor said it is one of the most painful medical conditions out there. Hang in there!


Beth B - June 22

Just wondering if ya'all expierenced cramping along with painful bm's and blood.....


Amy_mommy - June 22

thank you, olivia and GD......i really hope this goes away soon.......


J - June 22

I'm still trying to heal from a fissure and its about 9 mos pp. I think its finally getting better after getting a stronger prescription and watching my diet and washing with soap and water after every bm. My physiotherapist said to use a stool when having a bm so that you are almost squatting, contract than relax your sphincter/pelvic muscles when going and breathe lke a pp said, don't strain. If its really bad (deep)there are other surgical and non-surgical options.


Nick - June 22

I had third degree tears and my first BM i would almost say was worse than giving birth. It took about 6 months to fully heal. I would say just be patient and use a stool softner everyday for a while.


olivia - June 22

Another tip -- if you are still taking you a prenatal vitamin, switch to one with no iron. That will help keep things softer.


lyn - June 22

I had 3rd degree tearing and horrible hemerroids from pushing. It took about 2 weeks to heal up good. Then at my 6 week appointment I had to get cut open about 1cm because the v____al opening had been sown up too tight. That took at least 6-7 wks to heal and SUCKED so bad. It was basicaly an epesiatomy. I can say that the first BM after both scared me, but I took 2 stool softeners a day for 1 week the first time and then 1 a day for a 1week when I got the mini-episi. I just went for my yearly check-up 2 days ago and he said that by looking at me you'd neve guess that I even had any tearing or even a kid. There is no scar "ridge" anymore and it maybe hurts once and a while when we have s_x. Even though in all it took about 13 weeks for me to feel good about it down there and want to have s_x again I would give birth again in a heart beat.



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