Fist Sucking

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Shannon - December 20

anybody elses baby suck on their fist occasionally? or used to? Isabelle just started to the other day every once in a while (she's 8 weeks today! ). is it a precursor to thumb sucking? or is she just hungry (like always lol) ?


Christy - December 20

Ben has been starting that on and off for the last week. He seems to do it to sooth himself. I think it is normal, and at this point, I think the hand-to-mouth thing will be less of a sign of hunger.


Christy - December 20

Oh- and I am not sure if it is a precursor to thumb-sucking, but I hope not. :)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 20

My son never takes his fists out of his mouthLOL! At that age they are just trying to explore and suck to soothe, and also start teething. Lucas is teething and needs to suck all the time. I highly doubt if it is a precursor to thumb sucking!


Jenn... - December 20

Blake likes to occasionally suck on fingers, thumb, or his whole hand! My lactation consultant recommended it in the beginning as it helps them open their mouth more and enables them to be more efficient eaters. Also I was told that if you let them suck on a pacifier AND hand not just one they are less likely to develop a dependancy on either.


Tami - December 20

Kailey's hands are never OUT of her mouth! :) She has been doing it since the day she was born. We have pictures of her hours old with her fist in her mouth. Some babies just suck more than others and sometimes they just do it to comfort themselves or could be exploring her world.


Shelly - December 20

Jesse is a compolsive (lol) fist/hand sucker.Lately he tries to drink his bottle with 2 fingers in his mouth!!


Jadyns Mommy - December 20

Yep, Jadyn went through this as well. Sometimes she puts her hand in so far that she actually gags herself! She is 7 months now and not doing it as much so in her case I think it is just a learning phase.


Christy - December 20

Jadyn's Mommy- Too funny! I love how they haven't quite learned their limits yet. Ben was crying hysterically during a diaper change once, flailing his arms everywhere ,and accidentally bopped himself in the eye. Needless to say, it made him cry harder.


Sarah-Natalees mama - December 20

My girl is a fist sucker too. Sometimes she trys to sucks both at the same time. It's really funny.


Stevens Mom - December 20

Steve always has his fist in his mouth! One morning I got him out of his crib and he had given himself a hickey on his arm (lol) it was pretty funny though!


melissa - December 20

taylor is almost 3 weeks old, and she only does it when she's hungry; otherwise she loves her pacifier.


Liz - December 20

Hand sucking can mean many things; hunger, just to suck, and for learning. Babies use their mouth to learn about things



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